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What are the various techniques used in requirement prioritization?

Requirement prioritization, as the name suggests, is a process of assigning priorities to the requirements based on business urgency in different schedules, phases, and costs among others. The techniques for requirement prioritization are: a. Requirements Ranking Method b. Kano Analysis c. 100 Dollar Method d. MoSCoW Technique e. Five Whys

What is a Use Case?

A Use Case is a diagrammatic representation of a system describing the process of how a user uses a system to accomplish a set of goals. It is an integral part of software engineering and software modeling techniques, considering it targets the features and the resolution of any possible errors which a user may encounter.

Name the statistical methods that are highly beneficial for data analysts?

The statistical methods that are mostly used by data analysts are:

  • Bayesian method
  • Markov process
  • Simplex algorithm
  • Imputation
  • Spatial and cluster processes
  • Rank statistics, percentile, outliers detection
  • Mathematical optimization
  • What are the skills that a business analyst must possess?

    We can broadly categorize the skills of a business analyst in three types:

  • Fundamental skills
  • Technical skills
  • Business Analysis skills
  • Skill category Skills
    Fundamental Skills Problem Solving Communication Management skills Research
    Technical skills IT skills like MS Office, Operating systems, Programming languages, Knowledge of databases, SDLC knowledge, Domain knowledge
    Business Analysis skills Requirement Elicitation Documentation Decision making Creativity Analytical skills

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    What is a hash table collision? How can it be prevented?

    This is one of the important data analyst interview questions. When two separate keys hash to a common value, a hash table collision occurs. This means that two different data cannot be stored in the same slot. Hash collisions can be avoided by:

  • Separate chaining – In this method, a data structure is used to store multiple items hashing to a common slot.
  • Open addressing – This method seeks out empty slots and stores the item in the first empty slot available.
  • How does CATWOE help in business analysis and decision-making?

    Customers, Actors, Transformation process, Worldview, Owners, and Environmental constraints (CATWOE) helps in making decisions ahead of time. It includes analyzing how those decisions will affect customers (C); who are involved as actors (A); what different transformation (T) processes are which might affect the system, global picture, and worldwide (W) issues; who is responsible/has ownership (O) for the business; and what the environmental (E) impacts will be of the project/business.

    Differentiate between a Risk and an Issue.

    Risk is nothing but a problem or something that can be predicted earlier so that some improvement plans are used to handle them. Whereas, an ‘Issue’ means the risk that had happened or occurred.

    Example: On some roads, a few caution boards are stating “Road under repair, take diversion”. This is called Risk.

    What are the steps required to design a Use Case?

    The steps involved in designing a Use Case are:

  • Identification of the system users
  • Creation of a user profile for each category of users.
  • Identification of objectives associated with each user, and their significant roles.
  • Creation of use cases for every goal – with a use case template.
  • Structuring the use cases
  • Review and validation of the users
  • Are you familiar with the difference between pool and swimlane?

    In an activity diagram, pool denotes a single person engrossed in one activity, however, swimlane means activities among groups

    What are some of the important metrics in agile that add value to the process?

    There are many important agile metrics:

  • Priority of work
  • Defect resolution time
  • Spring burndown matrix
  • Business value delivery
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