Assistant Acquisition Manager Interview Questions

Describe Your Daily Routine As A Talent Acquisition Manager?

I have a very straightforward routine. On a personal level, I maintain a strict personal fitness regime which allows me to wake up early and get more done including workouts. On a professional level, I read leading SHRM and HRM content to stay on top of things. At work, my main priority is to get the follow-up emails and meetings done for the day. I also tend to drive a special focus on employer branding. We have an incubation room where we allow creative ideas to be discussed, planned, and approved for the same purpose.

1 Is Listening To An Important Attribute In This Field?

Listening is very important. When you are recruiting you to need to know when to listen and when and what to speak. Listening allows you to make a thorough judgment of the skills and mindset of the prospective employee.

What Are The Roles Of A Talent Acquisition Manager?

The role of a talent acquisition manager in a firm is critical. He needs to have keen insight and a strong grasp on HRM practices with the ability to devise ingenious talent acquisition and retention policies. The role of a talent acquisition manager is not only to ensure that a set of skilled employees are on board but to continue striving to make the employee satisfaction levels high so that they continue working for the firm. As you know that employee performance is directly related to an organization’s performance, therefore ensuring that employee performance is optimum, and each employee is productively contributing to help the company attain its strategic objectives is also a responsibility of a talent acquisition manager.

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1 Have You Ever Missed On A Great Candidate And Regretted It Later?

Well, the market is intensely competitive. There are many good opportunities for the candidates. Digitalization has made the recruiters closer to their prospective candidates therefore, you never know when you could lose a potential employee at the hands of a competitor just because the process of your recruitment drive was lengthier. This happened once when we were hiring for the position of digital marketer. I reached the candidate with an offer a bit late and she had already accepted the job elsewhere. This taught me a valuable lesson, ‘time is money, for everyone indeed!’.

1 Talent Acquisition Professionals Are Also Humans. What Common Mistakes They Usually Make Which You Think Can Affect The Company?

I believe that talent acquisition professionals should always be aware of the critical nature of their job so that they do not get carried away by the authority and power nor should they get delusional. Sometimes talent acquisition professional behaves as a ‘know it all’ which allows less room for the candidate to open up or express their thoughts. Being the ‘I know more than you’ person in the room may be detrimental to the company as the company may lose a great candidate just because he was misjudged by the recruiter.

Why Are You Interested In This Job?

I am interested in this job because I have a close understanding of the dreams and expectations of contemporary talent. I can use this knowledge along with my HRM expertise to devise outstanding talent acquisition and retention policies for your firm. Furthermore, your respected enterprise is one of the best employers in the industry. This job opportunity is excellent for career growth and one of my aspirations.

Acquisition Manager Interview Questions

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