Assistant Bar Manager Interview Questions

Please tell us something about your experience. (Walk us through your resume.)

Try to focus on relevant experience–anything you did in customer service, hospitality, catering, management, or even in sales. If you responded for similar duties in your past job(s), such as managing people, allocating staff to shifts, hiring or training new employees, negotiating with vendors–you should certainly mention it.

You should also mention any achievements, especially from the perspective of your former employers. Maybe you helped to improve the reputation of their business, designed a viral marketing campaign that resulted in huge increase of their customer base, and consequently their sales, etc.

However, you can succeed even when you have no relevant experience (or no experience whatsoever). If they invited you for an interview, it means they are ready to give you the chance, despite your lack of experience.

Ensure the interviewers that you are eager to learn and work hard. Your excellent communication and leadership skills will help you get around, and handle the work.

How would you motivate the bartenders (waitresses, other staff members) to try their best in work?

Employee motivation is a huge problem in an entire catering industry. Almost all bars, cafeterias, and restaurants look for new people constantly.

This logically leads to high job hopping rates. People aren’t motivated to work particularly hard, because they can always get a new job quickly–if they lose their current position…

But something can still be done. For example, you can try to create a an excellent atmosphere in the workplace. If people feel like a part of a team, part of something bigger, they have a tendency to work harder, since they do not want to let their colleagues down.

Motivating system of benefits, and flexible shift patterns, can also motivate people to try harder, and to stay with you. At the end of the day, everything is about relationships. If you manage to build relationships of trust with your subordinates, most of them won’t let you down.

How do you imagine a typical day in work in our bar?

You can’t answer this question well, unless you do a proper research about the place. Opening hours, ambience, number of waitresses/hostesses/bartenders working at the place, the average number of guests each night, etc.

Actually the best thing you can do is paying the bar a visit before you interview for the job with them. Take some friends and enjoy a night out, soaking in the vibe of the place. But try not drinking too much, and observe as much as you can, watching both employees and customers.

Then it should be easy to say when you’d come to work and what you’d do during the day or during the night. You can also list some working duties from their job description, such as:

  • allocating people on shifts and overseeing the smooth operation of the bar
  • negotiating with suppliers and vendors, managing inventories
  • dealing with any customer complaints and addressing any problems that may arise during the shift
  • assistant bar manager interview questions

    Why do you want to manage this bar in particular?

    You probably do not care, and would accept a bar manager position in any place that pays well. However, try to convince them that they are your first choice, and that you know exactly why you decided to apply with them.

    The best answer is praising them for something that makes their bar special (either in your eyes, or in the eyes of the customers). Things that are visible to the common eye include excellent location, amazing drink selection, perfect atmosphere in the night, great references from customers on social media or google, and similar things.

    But you can also go with less obvious things. Maybe they have an excellent system of work in place. Each employee follows an excellent manual and code of conduct in work, and the entire bar functions like Swiss watch because of that. Or you see a huge potential of the place, and believe that you can grow the customer base twofold or even tenfold, with your excellent managerial work.

    Anything you choose for your answer, try to convince them that they are your first choice. And if there’s nothing great about the place, praise their location (close to your apartment), or shift patterns (suit your lifestyle or your other obligations).

    Bar Manager Interview Questions & Answers

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