Assistant Director Childcare Interview Questions

These questions are commonly asked during child care center director job interviews. Study them to know what to expect during your next interview. A sample answer for each interview question is provided.

Can you walk us through your resume?

Focus on relevant experience and education–if you have such. Most states in the US require a license, and to get a license you need few years of experience. Talk about your experience with love. They should get an impression that you have been enjoying your time with children, and now you are simply ready to move one step higher in childcare.

If you do not have relevant experience (in many countries around the world experience isn’t required), talk about any jobs you had before, and how they helped you to improve your leadership and communication skills, or your managerial skills.

You should also explain why you left your last job, and how this role of a childcare director aligns with your career goals and future plans.

If you apply for your very first job (and they invited you for the interview, which means that have an employee training program), ensure the interviewers that you are a quick learner, heard about their excellent training program for new directors of childcare centers, and look forward to learn more about their successful concept of childcare.

Judging by your experience with childcare, what do you consider the most difficult aspect of working with kids?

You have a few options for a good answer. One is referring to dealing with parents–can be tricky, since many of them have unrealistic expectations, or simply neglect their duties, such as picking children from the daycare at a certain time of a day.

Another one is discipline. Working with spoiled children can be a nightmare, and what parents neglected is often impossible to “repair” from a position of a teacher, or a nanny.

Anything you pick for your answer, do not forget to ensure the interviewers that you count with challenges, and over the years you learned how to deal with them, at least with some success.

assistant director childcare interview questions

What Do You Understand by NAEYC Accreditation Standards?

The interviewer wants to hear your understanding of the NAEYC accreditation standard.

Tip #1: State all the facts you know about NAEYC accreditation standard

Tip#2: Be eloquent and straight to the point

Sample Answer

NAEYC standards describe the expectations which early childhood professional must attain, it defines the essential learning outcomes for professional preparation program and presents a shared vision of excellence. An accredited center is that which is identified for providing outstanding care and a wide range of educational, personal and developmental services hence easing the burden of working parents.

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Why do you want to work as a daycare director?

Because you understand the importance of early childhood education, the impact it can have on the entire life of a child. You see the meaningful purpose in this job, and want to play a positive role in the life of children from local community.

And of course you love children, and have the skills and experience (or at least motivation and right attitude, in case that you lack experience) to successfully lead a childcare center (or a nursery school). This includes working with teachers and children, and managing the daily operations of the facility, including marketing and basic administrative work.

Do not forget to show some enthusiasm when answering this question. Interviewers should hear energy in your voice. They should get an impression that you really want to lead their daycare center.

Top 20 Child Care Center Director Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

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