Assistant Housekeeping Manager Interview Questions And Answers

What You Would Do If A Client Were Dissatisfied With Your Work.

I always believe that critiques always bring improvement. My suggestion to all my team members was never to take such comments to heart. I always remain calm during this situation and listen to the complaint carefully first before passing any judgment. I remember that one of the guests complained that coffee pods were not being emptied. The next day, I not only refilled the pod in the tray and threw the used one but also deep cleaned the coffee machine. The guest left a thank you note for me at his checkout the next day!

Describe A Time You Failed In This Role And The Lesson You Learned.

As I mentioned above, handling difficult customers is our everyday routine. Some of them are more derogatory toward us than others. One such time, a customer was very insulting to me. I was in a junior position. I was trying my best to serve the customer and quickly get out of his way. He took out a lot of frustration on me. I had to leave the job half-done because my emotions got the best of me and I couldn’t take the insults anymore. I was called by HR, but I was left with a warning and no strict action was taken against me because of my prior clean record. I am thankful for this experience because it allowed me to grow and handle negativity with pragmatism rather than emotions.

3 Did You Ever Face A Demeaning Customer? What Was Your Strategy?

Well, it is very common for the housekeeping staff to meet people. Some are nice and some are difficult. Others are extremely difficult to the extent of testing your patience. I did meet a person who was a newly discovered musician. I was a big fan of his talent. He was staying in the hotel I worked for and when I went to provide him the services, he was very insulting towards me. Luckily, by then I had learned to take nothing personally and ignore the projection of negative sentiments. I was however hurt to idealize someone who was such a bad role model.

What Is Your Favourite Housekeeping Task?

As a housekeeper, I always enjoy doing the laundry. In my initial career, I was always on this duty and I would spend hours in the laundry room. I believe that doing laundry is therapeutic especially when you are folding. I always used to learn ways from YouTube how to make new things from clothes that would add a little personalized touch to any guest room. After so many rounds of laundry, I am quite a pro at making beds and folding towels and sheets.

1 What Are The Few Qualities That A Housekeeping Team Should Have?

Complete training in not only using cleaning chemicals but also making sure that all the items are organized in the inventory. There are very few members who can communicate well with the guests. I believe that if they are properly trained, there is a lot to learn in the housekeeping field.

Describe Your Daily Routine At Work.

My first order of business is to clean the kitchen floor and counters. Then I move to bedrooms where I change the sheets, clean the bathroom, replace used towels, and open aroma diffusers in all the rooms. Then I remove the trash and change the trash bag. I dust and then vacuum to carpets. I clean glass windows every other day. Depending upon the requirements of the employer I carry out other responsibilities like laundry or inventory management.

Housekeeping Manager Interview Questions and Preparation .

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