Assistant Soccer Coach Interview Questions

Interview 3 Saint Louis School, Head Varsity Boys Soccer Coach

  • Q: “What do you say to a team on the first day of practice?” A: This was the first time someone asked me this question… and I had never really thought about it. After looking up at the ceiling for a few seconds, I realized theres nothing I would say. So my answer was… “I would say nothing other than briefly introduce myself and the other assistant coaches, then we would begin training and get to know each other while we trained and played together.”
  • Interview Result: did not get the position.

    Feedback: none, and did not solicit.

    Coach Interview Questions (With Example Answers)

    For athletic teams to be great, they need great coaches to steer the ship. Coaches can make or break a team’s success, and interviews for coaching positions are crucial moments for deciding if someone will handle the responsibilities of leading a team.

    If you are looking to land a coaching gig, you can use your interview strategically to give those interviewing you a glimpse into who you are and what you are bringing to the table. Interviews can be both nerve-wracking or exciting, but with some good prep work, you can learn to nail an interview and present your best self.

    To give yourself an edge in the interview process, make sure you take the time to really think about the skills you hold as a coach and develop specific examples of how these skills have shown up for you.

    A great way to prepare yourself for the interview is to research some common questions they may ask you. Go into the interview with key facts and stories at your side related to your achievements both in and out of coaching and athletics, your professional strengths, and some ideas of how you might apply these to the interviewer’s questions.

    Below are examples of some of the most common questions that come up during coaching interviews. We detail why interviewers ask these questions and examples of how you might answer these questions.

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    High School Soccer Coach Interview Log and Notes

  • Q: “Its the day of a championship game and one of your best players skips her morning classes, do you start her in the game?” A: Definitely start her, we want to win the game and can deal with the discipline action afterwards. A better answer perhaps would have been: she will play in the game but not as a starter. Always handle discipline issues upfront. Students are allowed to be absent for half a day, but must have a good reason, like a medical appointment. There is no best answer for this question, it is specific to the students circumstances and the reason for missing classes that day.
  • Q: “Whats your plan to find assistant coaches?” A: Meet with previous years assistant coaches and determine if they would like to return that is if the coaching philosophies are in-line with the head coach, enough so that we are able to function peacefully and happily as a coaching team. Other options would be to reach out to AYSO and Club Coaches whom I know, or others know, to see if any of them would like to be an assistant coach for the upcoming season.
  • Interview Result: did not get the position.

    Feedback: none, and did not solicit.

    Top 20 Football Coach Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

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