Assistant Video Editor Interview Questions

Start optimizing your recruiting process today.

Start optimizing your recruiting process today.

Why did you decide to apply for this job?

You should address two things in your answer. The less important one is why you opted for a career of a video editor. You can relate to your studies, former experience, passion for video editing, or even certain things you’d like to achieve as an editor, the impact you’d like to have.

At the end of the day, young generation prefers to consume video content to text content, and the future is certainly in the video. Hence you can see a meaningful purpose in your job, and perhaps also try to change something in the world, or at least in your country, while working as an editor.

The second thing you should address, the more important one, is why their studio, company, film, etc. You should explain how the things they do resonates with you, both with your valuers and expertise, the editing techniques you use, and perhaps also the values you have and goals you try to achieve.

Remember that many big egos work in the film business and in the advertising business. The more you praise them in the interview (for their excellent work and whatever) the better your chances to succeed will be. So try to learn a lot about them, watch something from their production, and find something worth of praise…

What video editing software do you have experience with?

You shouldn’t sound like a newbie at this point, talking about free programs only. Sure, a good editor can make some magic with any software, but professionals work with robust video editing solutions, which are never entirely free.

Whether you mention Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Curt Pro X, or Filmora, you should always mention how long you’ve been working with this or that software. You can also praise your computer skills, and overall experience, ensuring the hiring managers that you have a capacity to learn to work with any new software.

Operational video editor interview questions

  • As a video editor, whom do you follow in this industry? And what are different video editing skills that you like to learn in your free time?
  • Do you stay updated about new trends and tools? How do you do that?
  • Do you have any side projects?
  • How do you choose your ideal client?
  • How will you know if a project is a success or not?
  • Video production interview questions

    Every organization and every client is different. Every brand wants their stories to be told differently. If you have a company involved in video production, you will need a person who can work well with video production and shoot. When it comes to video production, several technical details, as well as storytelling, are involved.

    Thus, when you are interviewing a person for a video production task, you need to prepare a vast range of questions so that you can get an idea about the technical skills they have, and they are creative enough to tell a brand story through a video. Following are some of the video production interview questions,

    1. Will you be able to work under the timeline?

    Sample Answer: The answer to the question will help you to know if the person is goal-oriented and if he/she is punctual enough to work on different projects as per the timeline.

    2. Can you tell me the purpose of this video you have created?

    Sample Answer: Answers to this question will enable you to understand if the person is a good storyteller. In addition to this, if he/she will be able to present the brand message in the best way?

    3. What emotions are we trying to evoke through this video?

    Sample Answer: This question will make you understand if the person you are interviewing understands the audience well and whether he/she will be able to create videos that can evoke emotions in a person.

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    Nail Your Video Editor Interview!! Questions and Answers

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