Assistive Technology Job Interview Questions

If youre looking for a job in accessibility testing, youll likely be asked some common questions in your interview. Here are 30 of the most common questions that an interviewer might ask, along with tips on how to answer them. By preparing for these questions, youll be one step closer to landing the job of your dreams!

In this section, youll be asked questions about common accessibility terms and definitions. Be sure to review these before your interview so that you can provide clear and concise answers.

How can you make a website accessible to people with cognitive impairments?

When designing a website, it is important to consider the needs of all users, including those with cognitive impairments. There are a number of steps you can take to make your site more accessible to this group.

  • First, use clear and concise language. This will help to ensure that your content can be easily understood.
  • Second, use visual cues to help guide users through your site. For example, you can use color to highlight important links or buttons.
  • Third, provide options for users to control their experience. For instance, allow visitors to adjust the font size or contrast levels on your site.
  • By taking these steps, you can help to improve the accessibility of your website for everyone.

    While there are certainly other questions that could be asked in an interview for a position in accessibility testing, these thirty should give you a good starting point. Preparation is key when it comes to job interviews, so take the time to go over these questions and come up with thoughtful answers. The more confident you appear during the interview process, the better your chances of landing the job!

    What is the difference between alt text and longdesc?

    Alt text and longdesc are two ways of adding descriptions to s on the web.

  • Alt text is a brief description that is displayed in place of an if the cannot be loaded.
  • Longdesc is a longer description that can be accessed by clicking on a link or icon.
  • Both alt text and longdesc can be used to provide information about the content of an , but alt text is generally shorter and more concise. Longdesc can provide a more complete description, making it useful for s that are complex or have a lot of detail.

    In addition, longdesc can be used to provide information about the function of an , whereas alt text is primarily used to describe the visual content. When choosing between alt text and longdesc, consider how much information you need to provide and how much space you have available.

    If you only need to provide a brief description, then alt text may be sufficient. However, if you need to provide more detailed information, then longdesc may be a better option.

    For organizations over 50 employees, what are the reporting requirements under AODA? Section 4 of the regulation requires each obligated organization to establish and implement a multi-year plan describing how it will achieve its accessibility requirements under the regulation, and post that plan to their website (if they have one). Plans must be reviewed and updated every five years.

    What accessibility knowledge is needed by staff who are producing documents for public distribution? Be able to use the accessibility test tools in Word or in Acrobat Pro, for example, to test and make adjustments to documents. Must be aware of accessibility features in document authoring tools, such as how to add alt text for s or create table headers.

    When a person who is deaf is communicating with you through a sign interpreter, how should you reply? Reply directly to the person, not to the interpreter. Reply like you would reply to any person, looking directly at the person with your mouth clearly in view. Enunciate words clearly and, if requested, slow speech slightly to allow those who can lip read to more easily visually interpret.

    An adult person with a cognitive impairment (e.g., Down syndrome) asks you for help. How should you respond? Respond to that person as you would any other adult customer. You may want to slow your speech slightly and speak clearly. Do not speak to the person as if they were a child. Do not speak through a family member who might be with the person.

    When hiring a marketing and communications person, what do they need to know about accessibility? They should have a basic understanding of web and document accessibility, such as providing alternatives for visuals, structuring documents, using tools to test for accessibility. Must understand issues associated with using colour in an accessible way (e.g., contrast, alternatives for colour with meaning).

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