Associative Array Interview Questions

Below are some of the Questions asked during the Taking SystemVerilog Arrays to the Next Dimension web seminar where UVM & SystemVerilog Subject Matter Expert, Chris Spear presented.

Please stay tuned and view the Verification Horizons Blog for more questions answered by Chris Spear.

Mention some disadvantages of an array data structure.

There are some disadvantages of array data structure as well, such as:

  • We should know in advance the size of the given array.
  • It costs a bit to insert and delete elements in an array since the elements are stored in contiguous memory.
  • The array size cant be modified later during the runtime as it is a static type of data structure having a fixed size.
  • Memory wastage can take place whenever the declared arrays size is more than what is needed.
  • What do you mean by dynamic arrays?

    Dynamic arrays are also known as the resizable arrays, growable arrays, ArrayLists, or mutable arrays in Java. That is because there is automatic resizing available in them.

    For example, you could have a two-dimensional array, where the first dimension is a list of names, and the second dimension is a list of ages. So, each name would have an age associated with it. Or, you could have a three-dimensional array, where the first dimension is a list of countries, the second dimension is a list of cities, and the third dimension is a list of landmarks.

    There are a few ways to sort arrays in PHP. The most common way is to use the sort() function, which sorts an array in ascending order. You can also use the rsort() function to sort an array in descending order, or the ksort() function to sort an array by its keys.

    Compile-time errors occur when there is a problem with the code itself, and the program will not be able to run until the issue is fixed. Runtime errors occur while the program is running, and can cause the program to crash. Syntax errors occur when the code is not properly formatted, and can also prevent the program from running. User-generated errors occur when the user input is incorrect or invalid, and can cause the program to behave unexpectedly.

    There are a number of different types of functions available in PHP. Some of the most common include string functions, mathematical functions, and file functions. String functions allow you to manipulate strings of text, mathematical functions allow you to perform mathematical operations, and file functions allow you to interact with files on a server.

    Arrays in PHP are data structures that allow you to store multiple values in a single variable. Arrays are useful for storing lists of information, such as a list of products in a shopping cart, or a list of user names in a chat room. You can create an array by using the array() function, or by assigning values to an array variable using the [] operator.

    1 How can zeros be separated from non-zeros?

    We will follow the given steps:

  • The counter will be initialized to 0.
  • inputarray will be traversed from left to right.
  • inputArray[i] will be assigned to inputArray[counter].
  • The counter will be incremented to 1.
  • The remaining values will be assigned zero.
  • Frequently Asked Array Interview Questions

    An array is a collection of elements in the form of objects, numbers, or pictures arranged in rows and columns. It is a collection of data elements in contiguous memory locations in terms of programming. And this is called database systems. Multiple data pieces can be stored under a single variable.

    This enables easy operation of data using matrix properties. Just like in a book, every data element is assigned an index number. Therefore any element can be identified as well as located using this index number.

    Oracle PL SQL interview question difference between VARRAY NESTED TABLE ASSOCIATIVE ARRAY

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