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Should I be worried about a background check?

A background check is a prerequisite of the hiring process and cannot be avoided. As long as you are honest on your resume and understand your rights, you will not have anything to worry about. Be sure to review the background check laws in your state before applying. Remember that legally, you are allowed to request a copy of your background report if the employer disqualifies you based on their findings.

Asurint’s National Criminal Information Bureau (NCIB) database is made up of aggregated criminal public record data from counties and courts across the country and is always improving. This cost-effective search option gives you the ability to clear your candidates quickly – and put them to work. NCIB also offers Instant Clear coverage for 85% of the U.S. population.

Using Asurint InsightsTM, we provide you with more than just “mounds” of data, we provide information you can trust to drive business changing decisions. Insights provides you with real time data at your fingertips and the ability to create custom dashboards and ad-hoc reporting that fits your needs all in an easy to understand format.

IQLogics recommendation engine helps you make smart hiring decisions, limit risk and build a productive workforce with its proprietary algorithm to instantly determine the best background searches to run on every candidate, quickly and compliantly. Asurint takes a different approach to background screening with our technology to give you a better depth and breadth of service. And as a result, you get a more complete picture of every candidate, often 25% faster than traditional methods.

You have questionable social media activity.

This is a tricky area as there are many rulings and laws in place that protect job candidates rights when it comes to social media.

While social media screening is not a necessity on a background check, it is legal, and many employers peruse social media, or use screening services, to gain an understanding of a candidates character beyond the interview.

Employers typically check for hate speech, foul language, or any negative material that may reflect badly on the company and present potential problems in future.

Can I leave a job off my background check?

Yes. You are not obligated to include every job youve ever had on your CV, especially those held 10+ years or arent relevant to the job youre applying for.

You lied on your resume, or there are inconsistencies.

Dishonesty is a huge red flag for employers and might cost you a job opportunity. If they discover that you lied about your education, skills, or qualifications, it will likely be detected during a background check, no matter how well-written or embellished your resume may be.

Employers almost always contact references to verify details about previous jobs, such as the time period you worked there, and to gain an idea of your duties and work ethic. Likewise, a background check can also determine when and where you obtained your degree.

Can an employer fire you after they hired you because of a background check?

Yes. Owing to at-will employment, an employer may fire you at any time.

You are not entitled to legally work in the United States.

Potential employees must be legally eligible to work in the United States. During the hiring process, all citizens and non-citizens are obliged to complete an Employment Eligibility Form (I-9). Job applicants must present documents verifying their identity and employment authorization to the employer.

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