Ather Energy Interview Questions

What will be your reaction if the deadline is revised for the project you are working on?

It is pretty normal when deadlines or the process of working on an ongoing project changes and your reaction should be appropriate and in favour of getting the project done in the best way possible.

Example: “ My very first step will be to consult the manager/supervisor and ask the reason behind the changes and I will make sure that these facts and reasons are genuine and important. Then I will go ahead and inform the team that has been working on the project. Once the team knows about the changes I will discuss the new plan and take suggestions from the team and resume the project as soon as possible.”

What motivated you to seek employment at Ather Energy?

It is common for freshers to apply for a job in many companies at a time. Your answers can give insights into how much research you have done about the Ather Energy before applying for the job. To know more about the company you are applying for you can refer to their LinkedIn and website.

Example: “ Ever since I started my career in (your profession) I have watched the outstanding work Ather Energy has been doing. I think it will be a great opportunity for me to join this company and learn more about (your profession). This job can give me greater insights and increase my knowledge about the market and the new trends. I have also heard about the work ethic and company culture and it is one of the reasons I have applied for a role in your company.”

Top 5 Reasons to LeaveAther Energy

ather energy interview questions

How will be deal with the work that has been criticized by your boss or manager?

The most important thing to understand in this situation is that no one is always right or perfect and criticism can help us grow if we take it in a positive manner.

Example: “ Constructive criticism is vital for growth. If my manager/supervisor criticizes my work I will ask them for suggestions on how I can improvise and try to follow the suggestions given and implement them in all the ways possible. And if there are any mistakes in the work I will learn from those and make sure the same mistake doesn’t happen again.”

5 Reasons to work at Ather Energy

ather energy interview questions

Applied Materials works on cutting edge challenges that face the semiconductor industry.

ather energy interview questions

Applied Materials cares about the communities we work in.

ather energy interview questions

Applied Materials is an equal opportunity employer.

ather energy interview questions

Applied Materials Vision, Mission, Values build an environment where employees can work ethically, do their best, are respected and can grow.

ather energy interview questions

Applied Materials is celebrating 50 years globally, and we believe that our best years are ahead of us.

What was your role and responsibility in your recent job/project?

This is one of the initial questions that will be asked in any technical round of interviews. The intent behind this question is to know more about you and the work you have done previously. Make sure you use appropriate and technical words while answering.

Example: “ The last role I was appointed was (your position) and my work comprised of (mention what you did in short).”

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