Athletic Director Secretary Interview Questions

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Why do you want to work as an athletic director?

You should touch two points in your answer. The first one–the more important, is your desire to make something happen with the athletic activities at their school. You’ve been around for the while, you know the team, the coaches, the players, the facilities. You have an idea how to make things better, how to get to the next level–whatever it means in the context of the given school. You’ll get a chance to elaborate on these things later in the interview. At this point, it is enough showing the passion and desire to achieve something for them.

The second thing are your skills, experience, and expectations. You can say that with everything you’ve done over the years around athletics (coaching, teaching, playing), you feel ready to oversee the entire operation. What’s more, you believe to have the leadership and organizational skills. And, of course, you also seek professional recognition, and ability to have a bigger impact. Regardless of the job you’ve had up to this point, position of an athletic director will allow you to follow your ambitions.

What vision do you have for athletic activities at our school?

You have a couple of options for a really good answer here. First one is breaking it down to individual sports, such as basketball, baseball, track and field, swimming, soccer, etc, and presenting a simple vision for each one.

Perhaps the track and field team needs a new coach, or a renovation of the track. Or the soccer team doesn’t have enough members and you want to focus on attracting more students to the sport. And maybe they even do not have a swimming squad at school, but you want to change it. You can talk also about results you want the teams to achieve, such as progressing to a better division, winning some titles, etc.

Another good option is summarizing your vision to one powerful sentence. For example, you can say that you hope to foster an environment where both coaches and students thrive, having excellent facilities at their disposal, and possibilities to fully develop their potential and reach new heights. Of course this is just an example, and I am sure you can formulate it better than me…

How do you imagine a typical day at work as our athletic director?

You will need to do some research here as well, because it depends on the size of school and scope of the athletic activities. In many cases, athletic directors teach as well, not a full schedule, but for example 10-15 hours each week. It is important to show realistic expectations, so you should find out whether you may teach or not.

Another important thing is to show proactive and personal approach to work. Tell them that you imagine spending a lot of time with the coaches, with the athletes, taking part in events, observing trainings, inspecting the facilities, discussing issues with people responsible for them, and so on. Without a doubt you’ll have a lot of paperwork as well, and will spend some time sitting at your desk, writing emails, reports, working on budgets, and so on. Show them that you see the complexity of the role, and feel ready for everything it encompasses.

Top 20 Athletic Director Interview Questions and Answers for 2022

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