Atlassian Financial Interview Questions

Can you access JIRA cloud site via mobile device?

Yes, one can access JIRA cloud site via mobile device by using the URL of cloud site in the mobile web browser.

Why is JIRA used? /What are the benefits of using JIRA?

JIRA is used as a project tracking tool with benefits like:

  • Ability to track project progress from time to time
  • Use cases include project management, bug tracking, feature implementation
  • Easily customizable and extensible
  • Platform-independent
  • Upfront and fair licensing policy
  • 1 What is the “Move Issue” wizard?

    The move issue wizard enables users to specify another project in their JIRA instance. The wizard allows changing some attributes of an issue like issue type, status and custom fields.

    What are the issue types in Scrum project?

    In JIRA, an individual unit of work is referred to as issue. The types include:

  • Story – single feature that needs to be implemented
  • Epic – a big user story
  • Bug – problem that needs to be fixed
  • Task – generic task that is not a bug or story
  • Types of JIRA Interview Questions askedÂ

    In interviews, it is likely that you’ll be asked questions about your knowledge of JIRA and how you can utilize that knowledge in real-life situations. If you prepare ahead of time and present your answers confidently, you may enjoy an overall easy interview experience. Hiring managers usually ask general questions first to gain insight into who you are as a candidate and your depth of knowledge about JIRA.Â

    Some general questions you may be asked on JIRA include:

  • How long have you worked in the industry?
  • What is your experience and understanding of JIRA?
  • Why are you the ideal candidate for the job?
  • What are your biggest achievements using JIRA?
  • What do you think differentiates JIRA from other project management tools?
  • How to Give Answers and Explanation to Jira Tool Interview Question?

    Your answers should reflect your overall understanding of the capabilities of JIRA tool. Include adequate explanations to assure interviewers that you have the depth of experience required to effectively navigate and teach the tenets of the JIRA platform to team members. Adopt an organized approach while giving JIRA answers and explanations and try to align your answers in a way that delivers maximum value to the organization. In case you’re unsure of any answer, it’s best to be honest. When answering questions on organizational process, frame your answer to resolve the problem in the most positive way.Â

    JIRA is a software tool that was developed by the software company, Atlassian. It is used mainly for bug and issue tracking and project management. It is the perfect solution for organizing tasks and managing agile teams.

    1 What is included in issue change history?

  • Changes to an issue field
  • Attachment of a file
  • Deletion of a comment
  • Deletion of a work log
  • Creation or removal of an issue link
  • atlassian financial interview questions

    Schemas are an important part of JIRA configuration. These are a collection of configured values to be later used by one or more Jira project. There are 7 types of schemas including Notification Schemes, Permission Scheme, Issue Type Scheme, etc.Â

    2 What is an audit log?

    Users can use audit logs to view all details about issues generated, plus changes made to any issue.Â

    Name the agile methodologies supported by JIRA.

  • Scrum – in this agile methodology, the development team works iteratively to complete a project. Each stint or iteration has certain set scope and timeline. Scrum is best suited for software development.
  • Kanban – this method achieves just-in-time delivery by visualizing the workflow and tasks currently in progress. Kanban is best suited for operation teams.Â
  • Interviewing At Atlassian: Take This Advice From A Real Hiring Manager

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