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Applicant Tracking Systems/Resume Parsers

We said it above and we’re saying it again, most companies use some sort of ATS to help manage resumes and streamline the recruiting process. In addition to thinking about format and the ATS, you have to think about content too. These systems look for certain pieces of information in a resume like keywords, dates, and location, and often score or rank your resume against the company’s current job openings. All of this automation might sound discouraging, but like anything else in life, with the right approach it can be used to your advantage. Here are the basic steps your resume will follow when submitted to a job posting at a large company.

1. HR/Recruiting receives your resume in conjunction with many others who have applied for a position.

2. Your resume is run through a parser (possibly even before it is viewed by human eyes).

3. The parser removes all styling and converts your resume into strings of characters for further processing.

4. The parsing software groups the strings of characters into categories like education, experience, skills, and contact information before loading into a database.

5. Internal recruiters search the database using keywords and terms.

6. The ATS scores your resume based on the search and displays your profile along with other candidates and their designated score.

So what does all this mean for your job search and specifically, your resume?

Luckily, resume parsing software and their search and scoring features are getting better all the time and are quickly moving from strictly using keywords to a more “human-like” search intelligence. This technology is similar to search engines like Google, which now understands a searcher’s “intent” and is able to offer up better, more targeted search results. But it’s virtually impossible to know what type of ATS each company you apply to is using.

So ultimately, you want to make sure your resume contains certain keywords and phrases associated with the position you want. This is another reason why customizing your resume for each position is important. Make sure that your resume contains keywords from the job description; it’s a great way to enhance your odds of being noticed. And remember, make sure that your resume is formatted simply, legibly, and is written for a human to easily understand.

How do you figure out those key words and phrases?

Here is some further guidance from The Resume Help blog:

Priority resume keywords are words used in the company’s listed job title, used in the description headlines, used more than twice, and called out as success criteria.

Secondary resume keywords are the mention of competitor companies or brand name experience, keyword phrases (phrases surrounding priority keywords), and notable industry qualifications (training, associations).

Jobscan and Resunate are great sites that will help you optimize your resume for ATS software. They function in a slightly different way but are simple, effective, and most importantly, help you get positive results. Either one is a good tool to use before submitting your resume to a company for consideration.

Pro Tip: Customize your resume for each position that you apply for.

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atr international interview questions

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