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Ask this: We need someone who will work on time and work diligently throughout the day. Do you feel the candidate can meet our needs? Can you share what makes you feel this way?Not that: Is the candidate dependable?

Ask this: Because we have several projects that are ongoing and urgent, we need a candidate who can work well in a result-oriented environment. Do you feel the candidate can achieve success in this fast-paced environment?Not that: Do they work well under pressure?

Ask this: Based on the responsibility of the role, do you feel the candidate is qualified?Not that: How did the candidate perform on the job?

Ask this: Based on the role, what do you feel we should focus on during training?Not that: What are the candidate’s weaknesses and why?

Ask this: In your observation and knowledge of the candidate, how do you feel we could help motivate them and keep them engaged?Not that: What motivates the candidate?


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Interviewing can be a stressful, time-consuming, and exhausting activity. From identifying the right job to scheduling interviews to meeting new people and answering their questions, the whole process can be overwhelming. One common, go-to question for many employers is, “why do you want to work here?’ It’s a legit question and one that you should be able to answer in-depth. We give some insight into formulating an answer that will knock the hiring manager out of the park ad help alleviate some of the stress that interviewing can bring.

If you had the opportunity to meet the team during your interview, relate how you feel you can contribute to the dynamics and culture of the group. Summarize how you view the team dynamics in your own words and paint a picture of how you will fit in. Buy-in to the company culture is crucial for hiring managers, so reiterating this will help make you a strong candidate for the role.

When answering the question, ‘why do you want to work here,’ there are a few responses to avoid. Reasons such as PTO, benefits, or things of that nature don’t need to be mentioned as they hopefully speak for themselves. Remember, hiring managers want an in-depth explanation of why you want to work there. Your answer is another opportunity to sell yourself, so be sure not to waste it.

The timing of the question, ‘why do you want to work here’ is crucial in order to answer honestly and in detail. The best time for this question to be raised is at the end of the interview process. Ideally, you will have met the team and any other decision-makers. At this time, you can relay what it is about the company that excites you. However, suppose the interviewer asks this question from the start. In that case, you can give a brief overview of what excites you about the job description, the company website, and any current news related to the company. You can also suggest that you would like to revisit the question as the interview progresses, at which time you can share any new insights as to what drives you to want to work at the company.

When asked, ‘why do you want to work here,’ toward the end of the interview process, consider how your skillsets can contribute to the team and the company. You should incorporate any pain points the hiring manager mentioned during your interview. Discuss how your skillset can fill in the gaps and create a solution to their problems. Use examples of how you can impact the team and why it excites you. Discussing how your skills can add value shows that you truly understand the team’s direction and how you can help contribute to their success.

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