At&T Video Implementer Interview Questions

1 You Have Shown A Good Understanding Of Our Affordable Connectivity Program. Can You Please Tell Us How Qualifies For It?

The affordable connectivity program began in late 2021 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, replacing the Emergency Broadband Benefit. It, therefore, targets certain demography, especially those in low-income neighborhoods. To qualify, one must fall below 200% of the federal poverty guidelines. You must also have participated in a qualifying federal assistance program. Therefore, it empowers those who do not have the liberty to enjoy a normal internet rate. Internet services have become more of a basic need given the rise of remote jobs and online learning.

Reliance jio Interview Rounds and Process

Maths and fiber color coding, router Instalation,configratuon

  • Q1. Color coding ,work safty Add Answer
  • Q2. Work project Owner ship Add Answer
  • Q1. Care with safty of engineer Add Answer
  • Q2. Proper of work place with all engineer Add Answer
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    at&t video implementer interview questions

    1 Have You Used Our 45 Dollar Plan?

    I have been your loyal customer for quite some time and have used almost all your plans, including the 45 Dollar plan. It is a fast 5G unlimited Max prepaid plan that can only be activated in-store at Walmart. It is available for $45 a month and offers unlimited talk and text, 5G data, HD streaming, and 100GB of cloud storage. You also get 10GB of data whenever you use your phone as a mobile hotspot. It has made my life better by allowing me to go about my work uninterrupted.

    What Is The Mian Challenge That You Faced In Your Last Role? How Did You Overcome It?

    I am fresh from college and do not possess any substantial working experience. However, during my college days, I had to deal with stubborn and uninvolved group members who watered down the efforts of others. Some didn’t attend group meetings and submitted their work late. I became strict, constantly monitored them, and ensured that they briefed me on their progress every day. I made them accountable, and we all graduated in the end.

    Have You Ever Had A Disagreement With A Colleague? How Did You Solve It?

    Disagreements are inevitable in settings that rely on teamwork. I have disagreed with my team members a few times, even though we always ensure that such experiences do not affect our productivity. I once disagreed with a colleague on how to go about a certain project, which created bad blood between us for a few days. To resolve it, we invited a different team to give us their opinions, weighed them, and finally settled on one that captured what we both suggested. We were able to complete the project fast and achieve overwhelming results.

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    at&t video implementer interview questions

    1 What Is Your Greatest Achievement?

    I have achieved quite a lot in my career, which assures me that I will succeed in this workplace. However, my biggest achievement was being part of the development team tasked with coming up with the first iPhone model. Therefore, I was fresh from my internship program and the youngest on the team. I managed to work with some of the world’s best software and product engineers, which made this project successful. This experience also opened several doors for me.


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