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auto industry careersWhen people have car trouble, the auto service advisor is usually their first point of contact when they walk into a dealership or garage to get the necessary repairs done. The main responsibility of an automotive service advisor is to be the link between the customer and the mechanic. They listen as customers describe the issues their vehicles seem to be having, and in some cases give the vehicle a brief inspection in order to provide an estimate for how much repairs will cost as well as how long they’ll take.

If you’re planning to enroll in an automotive service advisor program, or you’re approaching graduation, you will need to be prepared for the interview process in order to land your dream job. Read on for some tips on answering common service advisor interview questions.

What methods do you use to manage the daily workflow and schedule in the workplace?

Demonstrates candidates managerial, organizational, and time management skills.

Why Are You Interested In This Role?

Since my childhood, I have had a passion for cars and I love to work on them. I also did my diploma in automotive engineering where I learned the details of how a car can be repaired and given a better look and feel. This is a booming industry and as time passes, there will be more things to learn and adopt. The cars used to have carburetors and now we EFI system. We are going to have electric cars to be another chapter and another learning and another experience. As we keep learning, I like my role and I am interested in it.

What Type Of Strategies And Mindset Might Be Required For This Role?

He needs to have a helping mindset as a Service Advisor as he is responsible for helping a car service center run as smoothly as possible. His second nature would be picking up the phone to deliver or receive a call may seem like nothing more than an ordinary activity to some. Still, for professional Service Advisors, it is an art. Believe it or not, in customer service jobs, there are certain qualities that you must cultivate and develop if you wish to be successful as a Services Advisor, and perhaps the most important of these lies in the job title.

Do You Keep Studying Your Work Area?

There’s nothing more disheartening for a customer than to realize the Service Advisor you are talking to cannot deal with your issue and is not well informed about the product or service they’re responsible for. Competent Service Advisors study every facet of the product and learn from other team members about unusual troubleshooting requests or queries.

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The interviewer wants to determine if you are respectful of leadership and will follow the chain of command. In addition, he is looking to see if you bad-mouth a previous employer or supervisor because this may indicate that you are not the kind of person who is teachable or who follows directions well. Be positive as you answer this question, reassuring the hiring manager that you are a professional. Even if you disagree with communication from your manager, you will respect and abide by their decisions without taking them personally.

“I have been lucky enough to work with some great people and have adapted to various management styles over the years. I like for any communication with me to be positive and clear to better meet the customers expectations. I believe in the chain of command, and if I ever had an issue, I would strive to address it with my direct supervisor before doing anything else. I believe you will find me a great team player.”

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“I believe that its my job as a sales professional to adapt to all types of people, and respect leadership even when I disagree with decisions they make. I am a positive person who welcomes feedback and thrives on learning how to improve. I never disagree with a manager in front of a customer.”

A Career as anAutomotive Services Advisor

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