Audible Ios Engineer Interview Questions

How is the engineering team structured?

Our QA organization is global. We have teams in New Jersey, Boston, and India, to name a few. Our work flows are structured around the different platforms and surfaces that Audible can be used on. At a high level, we have three different teams in the QA organization that each specialize in a particular area: Audible desktop/mobile web and Audible expansion to new countries; Audible apps, which includes Android, iOS and Apple Watch; and Audible on Amazon, including the website, app, and Alexa.

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What skills are essential to succeeding as an engineer at Audible?

There are a few skills that I believe really help in succeeding as a QAE at Audible, including a good understanding or background in computer science fundamentals and strong organizational skills, with a demonstrated ability to track multiple test executions simultaneously and synthesize results. It’s important to understand and analyze business requirements, and have experience in working with development and business teams to communicate problem impacts. You need to be able to thrive in an ambiguous environment where change is the only constant. And lastly, have a passion for software testing and quality.

What does a normal day in your job look like?

Audible has an agile working environment, and so at the beginning of a quarter, we come together as a team to set up goals for the following three months. A typical working day starts with scrum meetings, working closely with developers and product teams on upcoming launches. In addition, we spend a good chunk of time in automation of new test scenarios and ensuring that new features are not breaking any existing functionality during integration testing.

What attracted you to work at Audible? How did you know it would be a good fit?

Before I joined Audible, I was a customer and frequent listener. Specifically, I was always impressed by the quality and diversity of its products, as well as the truly remarkable growth of the company over the years. When I got the opportunity to interview with Audible, I was ecstatic. It was during my conversations with the various team members as part of the interview process that I became cognizant of the exceptional work being done at the company. My career goals as well as the technology in the works at Audible were very well aligned with the position I was offered, making it clear to me that this would be a great fit.

What are you responsible for as an engineer at your company?

QA is a comprehensive system development lifecycle experience. It includes, but is not limited to the following: Performing analysis of UX requirements, and developing test plans, test scenarios, and test cases to cover overall functionality of the system; performing automated testing of the Audible website and app, Audible on Amazon, and Audible Alexa; developing automation frameworks that enhance QA efficiency and robustness; and working closely with the development, business and product teams throughout feature and product launches.

Tell us about your career journey: How did you end up working as a software engineer?

I have always been passionate about software technologies and their implementations. After graduation, I was fortunate enough to get the opportunity to work on different aspects of the software development life cycle from planning and designing to developing, testing, and deployment.

Over the course of my career, which has now spanned over a decade, I developed a keen interest—and became highly skilled—at quality assurance. At its core, QA challenges one to find loopholes in an implementation that not only require a much deeper and thorough understanding of a system as a whole, but also necessitate foresight and vision to be able to come up with a plethora of scenarios that a developer may have overlooked.

Audible’s Application process and interview tips from their recruiter

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