Audio Job Interview Questions And Answers

Can you describe the most exciting audio project you’ve completed?

Reveals more about the candidate, their interests, and also their potential strengths and weaknesses.

Describe a time when you misunderstood a brief. What happened?

Demonstrates the level of accountability, as well as ability to follow instructions and remain professional.

Interview Questions for Audio Engineers:

Tests organizational, time management, and problem-solving abilities.

Questions for the interviewer? // This one does usually come up, at every level interview. I like to ask about the company culture and vibe, I usually ask them if they like working there. You can then ask more specific questions about the position itself and finally about the selection process.

Where do you see yourself in five years // Similar to the previous one but maybe if you get this one after the previous one you can talk more about your place in life in a more personal way.

What do you do on your spare time apart from video games? // You are maybe temtped to say “record audio libraries” here and that’s fine but I would prefer to show a different side of myself that complements the professional side.

Which DAW do you know how to use? Which one you like the best? // I usually give my honest opinion here but I like to stress that all modern DAWs nowadays are pretty good and capable.

Team player? // There is usually a “team” oriented question. I feel stupid just saying “of course, I love working with my collegues!” so what I usually do is prepare a real example of teamwork epicness on my previous jobs. In general, is always good to prepare an example for each thing that you claim. The more tangible the example is, the better.

1 Walk Us Through How You Plan, Organize and Prioritize Your Work

This question wants you to tell the interviewer about your organizational and time management skills in this particular work environment. Make sure that your answer highlights your capabilities. You can talk about other volunteer or internship positions if you do not have tangible experience in this field.

Sample Answer

I usually make a to-do list at the beginning of the day where I capture all the activities that I am expected to attend to. Once I have created the list, I separate the most technical and urgent ones from the easy ones and start with them. Once I am done, I move to the non-urgent and least technical ones. This has proven to be effective.

1 Tell Us About a Time When You Almost Missed a Deadline. How Did You Manage To Finish On Time?

Interviewers usually ask such a question to test your organizational, time management, and problem-solving abilities. The best way to approach it is by thinking of an experience that sheds light on all these qualities.

Sample Answer

I was working on two projects which had the same finish date. I started with the most technical one and finished at my own planned time only to realize that I had downplayed the second one. It proved to be more challenging than the first, and I was fast running out of time. I drew a detailed plan on how I would tackle it to fit the remaining days, took in extra hours, and asked some of my colleagues who had less on their plate to chip in. We were able to finish the project just a few hours before the project deadline.

How To Handle the Toughest Job Interview Questions You’ll Ever Get by David R Portney

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