Aura Framework Interview Questions

4 What are the options for the lightning record page assignment?

We can assign the lightning pages at three distinct levels:

  • Org default
  • App default: This assignment revokes the assignment done at the org level.
  • App, profile, record type: This assignment revokes the assignment done at App and org level.
  • 1 How can we configure event propagation?

    When declaring events in LWC, we can provide additional parameters in the constructor of the CustomEvent to customise its behaviour. There are two parameters we can define which change the behaviour of the event, these are “bubbles” and “composed”. As the name suggests, bubbles allows the event to follow the standard bubbling behaviour and travel up through the DOM, by default in LWC this value is false. Composed, on the other hand, states that the event may pass through the shadow boundary and traverse the entire DOM tree up to the root, by default this is also false and only has an effect if bubbles is also set to true.

    aura framework interview questions

    In Aura, we don’t explicitly define the event propagation behaviour, instead we can specify the phase to handle on the event handler instead.

    Explain the Aura application bundle?

    A bundle includes Aura definitions and their associated resources. The aura definition can be an application, interface, component, and event. Aura Definition Bundle element is a folder that includes definition files, contrary to other metadata components, the aura definition bundle component is not a single file; it is a group of files.

    Which interface we are supposed to implement so that a lightning component can be used as quick action?

    We need to implement the following “force: lightningQuickAction” so that we can use the component as a Quick Action.

    What is Lightning Design System?

    Style guides and modern enterprise UX best practices to build pixel perfect apps that match the look and feel of the Lightning Experience and Salesforce1 Mobile app. Click Here for official link.

    How can we reuse code between our components?

    To share code between Aura components, we create a service component. This is an Aura component which uses “aura:method” to expose the pieces of code which are to be shared. This component can then be included in other components and the shared pieces of code called.

    For LWC, the process is simpler, we can create EcmaScript Modules. These are essentially JavaScript files which use the “export” keyword to export specific functions or variables we have defined. These can then be imported in the same manner we import Salesforce modules and freely used by our component.

    What is aura definition bundle?

    A bundle contains an Aura definition and its related resources. The definition can be a component, application, event, interface, or a tokens collection.

    An AuraDefinitionBundle component is a folder that contains definition files. Unlike most other metadata components, an AuraDefinitionBundle component isn’t a single file, it’s a collection of files. Each file represents a resource in a bundle, such as markup, applications, code files (including controllers and helpers), events, documentation, and interfaces.

    A bundle doesn’t have a suffix. Definition files can have one of these suffixes:

    Suffix Component Type
    .app Application
    .cmp Component
    .design Design
    .evt Event
    .intf Interface
    .js Controller, Helper, or Renderer
    .svg SVG
    .css Style
    .auradoc Documentation
    .tokens Tokens collection

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