Auro Zone Part Service Manager Interview Questions

How well do you know the local area?

This question is common especially in an interview for a delivery driver position with AutoZone. Try to avoid short answers, such as “I know it well”. You should always elaborate on your answer. Perhaps you’ve been born in the area, or you’ve worked as a delivery boy before, or you distributed newspapers, or had any other job that helped you get to know the local area better.

And if you did not have such a job before, ensure the hiring managers that you are pretty efficient with navigation, and a great driver, and have a good memory and without a doubt after a month in the job you will know the area perfectly. Like with many other questions, the key is to show your confidence in an ability to handle the job.

Why do you want to work at AutoZone?

AutoZone is a typical chain of retail stores which doesn’t really stand out in terms of salaries, working conditions, or employee benefits. Working for AutoZone, you’ll earn similar wage, and experience similar conditions, as you’d earn and experience working for Home Depot, Target, Aldi, Meijer, or any other similar company. Hence it would make no sense pointing out salary or employee benefits as the reason of your choice.

But there is one fundamental difference between AutoZone and other companies who compete with them for the workforce: the product. And that’s exactly what you should focus on. Tell them how much you love cars, and everything that belongs to them. Of course, it is much easier to enjoy our time at work when we sell something we like, when we enjoy our interactions with the customers because we speak about things that genuinely interest us.

You can add some secondary reasons as well. Maybe you got a recommendation from a friend working at AutoZone, someone who praised the team spirit and working environment. Or you live nearby the store, and will find it extremely easy to commute to work. In any case, you should always emphasize your interest in car and car parts, and everything else is secondary really.

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The management team at AutoZone will offer you constructive criticism as well as recognition for your accomplishments. Share with the interviewer how you prefer to be acknowledged for your hard work and successes: gifts, financial perks, public recognition, and promotions are all examples of ways that managers encourage their employees to keep up the good work.

“I really dislike being the center of attention, so I dont find public recognition to be particularly motivating. My last manager was in the habit of giving employees simple, hand-written notes that expressed appreciation for going the extra mile or accomplishing a larger goal, and sometimes these notes were accompanied with gift cards. It was a simple gesture, but it meant a lot to me to hear from my boss that my work was noticed and appreciated.”

“At my most recent retail position, our accomplishments as a team were rewarded together, sometimes with one outstanding worker receiving special acknowledgement. When we achieved something big together, the management team took all of us out for happy hour. I really like this approach because we truly were a team — we accomplished way more together than we could separately, so it makes sense to be rewarded together as well.”

Most Commonly Asked AutoZone Interview Questions and Answers

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