Aurus Java Interview Questions

Axis Sales Interview Rounds and Process

  • Q1. Who dis my job profile es and so hard working Add Answer
  • Q2. Skills es very good and Add Answer
  • Q3. Bank es working and product police Add Answer
  • Q4. My working so very good and Add Answer
  • Q5. My working to reng to area Add Answer
  • aurus java interview questions

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  • Q1. Partition ACL user management Add Answer
  • Q1. 1.How you check load on server(CPU/memory) 2.I am unable to login on server with root and normal user also,why so? 3.If suddenly cpu load cross 85% what wilread more Add Answer
  • Aurus IT Solutions interview questions for popular designations

    aurus java interview questions

  • Q1. describe a time when you helped a coworker of direct reports with a work problem View Answers (1)
  • Q2. describe an occasion at work when you had to do something you disagreed with Add Answer
  • Q3. know yourself and what you want Add Answer
  • Q4. pump yourself up and stay positive Add Answer
  • Q5. job search likes it your job Add Answer
  • Q6. describe a time when you received feed back from a supervisor or some ne on another team Add Answer
  • aurus java interview questions

    Q1 What is a finally block? Is there a case when finally will not execute?

    Finally block is a block which always executes a set of statements. It is always associated with a try block regardless of any exception that occurs or not. Yes, finally will not be executed if the program exits either by calling System.exit() or by causing a fatal error that causes the process to abort.

    9 What are latest features introduced in Java 8?

    The below features are introduced in Java 8:

  • Lambda Expressions
  • Interface Default and Static Methods
  • Method Reference
  • Parameters Name
  • Optional Streams
  • Concurrency
  • Josh Technology Group Interview Rounds and Process

    Round duration – 60 Minutes Round difficulty – Medium

  • Q1. Last Stone Weight We have a collection of N stones, each stone has a positive integer weight. On each turn, we choose the two heaviest stones and read more View Answers (2)
  • Round duration – 60 minutes Round difficulty – Medium

  • Q1. System Design QuestionDesign a given signin page using HTML and CSS only. Add Answer
  • Round duration – 7 days Round difficulty – Medium

  • Q1. System Design QuestionDesign and develop and todo list type of application using localstorage. Add Answer
  • Round duration – 120 Minutes Round difficulty – Easy

  • Q1. Technical Questions Why you used object for storing the todo list rather than using an array? Difference between inline, inline-block and block elements? Whread more Add Answer
  • Round duration – 60 Minutes Round difficulty – Easy

    Questions related to react and high level javascript?

    Round duration – 35 Minutes Round difficulty – Easy

    Happend around 08:30 pm

  • Q1. Basic HR QuestionsWhere do you see yourself in 5 years?What are your expectations? Add Answer
  • aurus java interview questions

    In Round 1 there will be a basic Aptitude, Reasoning test if you done with that one the day itself you will a mail regarding the next to round.. Round 1 will be the elimination round…. So prepare well

  • Q1. Round 2 will be the MCQ-IT and it is an non- eliminating round.. In this you need to prepare technical related subject like c, sql, java, DBMS etc… There read more Add Answer
  • Q1. Round-3 also an non-elimination round.. It is an Hackathon round or coding round… If it is an online exam then it will be a coding round one program will read more Add Answer
  • Top Core Java Interview Questions || Core Java Interview Questions and Answers [MOST ASKED]

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