Aurus Tech Pvt Ltd Interview Questions

2 Explain iBeacons?

Apple’s introduction of Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) wireless technology, iBeacon, is a new way for iPhones and other iOS users to receive location-based information and services.

What is the difference between Synchronous & Asynchronous tasks?

Synchronous can also be defined as In order. When you perform the synchronous operation, all that follows must wait for the operation to complete before proceeding. In contrast, “asynchronous” can also be defined as “out of order.” When you do something asynchronously, you can run the following code right away, and the asynchronous process will happen someday. It could be run on a separate thread from the rest of the code. It could easily be rescheduled on the same thread at a later date and you can notify you when it is done.

Explain MVC?

MVC is the acronym for “Model-View-Controller.” MVC is a design pattern for web applications that consists of three interconnected components.

Model – A model is where the data is stored.

View – The classes in view are reusable as they don’t have any domain-specific logic. Controller – with delegation patterns, the controller act as a communication between the model and view.

The MVC model, also known as the “pattern,” is widely used in the development of modern user interfaces.

1 What are the advantages of the Realm framework?

  • To handle all of the work, only a small amount of code is needed.
  • Available in both Object C and Swift.
  • SQLite and Core Data have slower performance.
  • Database files can be shared easily between iOS and Android devices.
  • There is no fee, no charge.
  • There is no limit to the data amount that can be stored.
  • Regardless of huge data sets or massive storage, consistent speed and consistency
  • 3 Explain the lazy property in Swift?

    A lazy stored property is one that does not determine its initial value until it is used for the first time. The lazy modifier is written before the declaration of a lazy stored property.


    1 What is Dynamic Dispatch?

    At runtime, Dynamic Dispatch determines which implementation of a polymorphic procedure, such as a method or a function, to call. This means that when we want to call our methods, such as object methods, we must use this syntax. Swift, on the other hand, does not use dynamic dispatch by default.

    What are UI Elements in iOS?

    The visual elements that we can see in our applications are known as UI elements. Some of these components, such as buttons and text fields, respond to user interactions, while others, such as s and labels, provide information.

    What is meant by deadlock?

    A deadlock is a situation that occurs when at least two threads are locked on a different resource, and both are waiting for the other resource to finish its job. And no one is able to unlock the resource it is guarding.

    2 Explain a singleton class.

    When only one instance of a class is created in the application, that class is called a singleton class. See below:

    What is an unnamed category?

    An unnamed category has fallen out of favor now that @protocol has been extended to support the @optional methods. Class Extensions @interface Foo() is designed to allow us to declare additional private API— system programming interface (SPI)—that is used to implement the class innards. This typically appears at the top of the .m file. Any methods/properties declared in the class extension must be implemented in the @implementation, just like the methods/properties found in the public @interface. Class extensions can also be used to re-declare a publicly read-only @property as read-write prior to doing @synthesize on the accessors. Example:

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