Austin Reed Interview Questions

Introduction: What’s your story?

Hi my name is Austin Reed and I am the owner of All Out DJ. I got started in the wedding industry when I joined All Out DJ in 2015, when the company was in its infancy. When I joined, I started as a DJ and helped out with the web development, SEO, and marketing. Within about 2 years, I became a partner in the business and took over many of the organizational operations duties. In 2020, I acquired the business and became the sole owner of the company. Over those 6 years or operation, All Out DJ has grown from a startup with an average of 2-3 bookings per month into one of the most popular DJ companies in Oklahoma City, averaging over 100 weddings & events per year. Interestingly enough, I didnt become a DJ for weddings, nor did I ever anticipate to be a business owner or to see the kind of growth All Out DJ has seen. However, in hindsight, I now realize that business and entrepreneurship is my passion, and I have really come to love being a wedding professional. One of the many things that I love about being a Wedding DJ is just being able to meet couples and to help them navigate the entire process, from booking to wedding day, and then being able to see their vision come together in the most remarkable way on their wedding day! I have formed some incredible connections with both couples and wedding professionals, which has made this journey both one of the most delightful and humbling experiences of my life.

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Have you ever been asked to compromise your integrity by your supervisor or colleague?

Why do they ask this? Your prospective boss is evaluating your moral compass by asking how you handled a delicate situation that put your integrity to the test, Taylor said. “They may also dig too deeply to test your level of discretion.” Essentially they want to know: Did you use diplomacy? Did you publicly blow the whistle? Did a backlash ensue? What was your thought process?

What makes it tricky? Interviewers want to know how you manage sensitive matters and are also wary of those who bad-mouth former employers, no matter how serious the misdeed. “They will be concerned if you share too much proprietary information with the interviewer,” Taylor said. “So it is tricky because you must carefully choose your words, using the utmost diplomacy.”

What response are they looking for? It’s wise to be clear, concise, and professional in your answer, without revealing any internal practices of prior employers. “You have nothing to gain by divulging private corporation information.”

Something like this might work: “There was one time where a fellow worker asked me to get involved in a project that seemed unethical, but the problem resolved itself. I try to be as honest as possible early on if a project creates concern for me about the company, as I’m very dedicated to its success.”

How to Answer Behavioral Interview Questions Sample Answers

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