Australia 457 Visa Interview Questions

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When you enter Australia as foreigner and not eligible for e-Visa clearance at any kiosks, you would go through immigration lane and would be interviewed by immigration officer at the port of entry. It is important to be prepared to answer all the questions asked at Australian port of entry such as Airports or Seaports.

1 Are you planning to work part-time while in Australia?

The student visa in Australia allows students to work 20 hours per week (part-time), so you can tell the officer about any plans of working part-time while you’re on your studies.

2 Can you provide your TOEFL/IELTS results?

Let them know of the reasons your score is low. However, make sure to also let them know that you have improved and are constantly working to better your skills.

2 Can you tell me about your future plans?

The case officer wants to know about how your future plans connect to the field of study you have chosen. Also, whether or not you plan on returning to your home country after completing the course (let them know that you will return to your home country to proceed with your future/career plans).

Why did you choose this university?

The first thing you should do is to gather all the information you have about the university you have chosen. Prove to the case officers that you have searched the university and know what you are signing up for and that you are genuinely interested in studying there.

1 How long will the course last?

You should give an exact answer on the length of the course, tell them when the course is set to begin and when is it set to end. Make sure you’re genuine since this is information that can be verified.

1 Who is sponsoring your studies?

Let them know about the person who is financing your studies.

2 Can you provide documents of your previous education?

Make sure you’re equipped with the original documents of your previous education and qualifications.

What is your father’s occupation and annual income?

The information can be verified so make sure you let them know exactly the sum of your father’s annual income and occupation. You can provide bank statements.

2 Do you plan to proceed studying in Australia after your present course ends?

Make sure you give an honest answer that depicts your intentions and plans. However, if you haven’t decided yet, let the case officer know.

2 Tell me something about your family?

Provide brief and concise information on your immediate family. The officer is just verifying the information you have submitted in the application form.

2 Do you have any siblings?/How many?/What do they do?/Do they live with you?

Provide concise and brief information on these questions. Be comprehensive and sincere. Tell the officer whether your siblings live with you or elsewhere.

1 How can you prove you will return to your home country once you complete your course?

Let them know that the only reason you want to obtain a visa is in order to get an education in Australia. Tell them about any family obligations or career plans you might have when you return to your home country. Be elaborate on your intentions.

1 What are your plans after completing your course in Australia?

When asked this question, the officer wants to know whether or not you plan to stay in Australia after finishing the course. However, the visa does not allow students to reside in Australia once they have finished their studies, so you should provide an answer that emphasizes your desire to return to your home country after completing the course.

Top 5 Australian Australia Visa Interview Questions and Answers

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