Australia Gte Interview Questions And Answers

You have to mention the starting date of the course and the ending date of your course.

Here you have to be confident enough in proving yourself the suitable candidate. ( I didn’t have any gaps in the previous curriculum and the certificates in various events also shows that I am a genuine student and capable for the VISA)

The reason for taking the VISA is to get the quality education from Australia and definitely will be serving my country by the knowledge gained from the here, moreover I have responsibilities towards my family as they are also the priorities. So I have to come back to look after them as I am the only child in the family.

The interviewer may ask any question but you can go through few of the sample questions that may help you to prepare yourself for the VISA interview.

The student VISA interview is a very important stage in the path of the study abroad plan or a dream which you are looking forward to fulfill. You should be well prepared with information and the supportive documents while you go for the VISA interview.

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The video below is an example of a GTE interview. It is NOT based on actual questions from the interview, but it gives you some excellent tips about ‘good’ answers compared to ‘not so good’ answers. We strongly recommend that you watch both this video AND the one above to ensure you understand what is required at your GTE interview. Good luck!

To answer this question successfully, you will clearly explain the three main reasons you chose Southern Cross University for your studies. It is not enough to simply list three reasons – you must explain them. There is no right or wrong answer here, it is all about you showing your understanding of the university and your reasons for choosing to study here.

To answer this question successfully, you will need to show that you understand the structure of your intended course and the units you will study in it. You should understand the difference between ‘core’ units and ‘elective’ units, for example. If your course offers a Major, you should be aware of what Majors are offered and which one you intent to take and why you want to take it. You should be aware of how many units in total you will have to study and be able to comment on some of those units.

It is important to note that this question has two parts. After you have explained what you know about Australian culture, you should explain how you intend to adapt to it when you are here. It will obviously be different to what you are used to in your home country, so what do you intend to do to make sure that you get used to things here?

Not everyone is required to undergo a GTE interview. The need to attend a GTE interview is determined by the risk level of your home country and sometimes particular areas within your home country. Your GTE interview is very important and you will only be given the opportunity of ONE GTE interview. You are expected to prepare for your interview and be able to provide evidence that you have conducted diligent research into your course, your campus, your finances and life in Australia. We strongly recommend that you read all of the information on this page in preparation for your GTE interview.

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