Australia Tourist Visa Interview Questions And Answers

How to Apply for Australia Tourist Visa?

Before applying for the visa, it is essential that you need to make sure you have the eligibility and the requirements to meet. You need to check your passport and its validity, also organize health exams as per the requirement of the embassy. The step by step procedure to apply for Australia tourist visa from India is as follows:

    1. Create an IMMI account –
    2. Fill out the Australia tourist visa application form for Subclass 600 visa.
    3. Fill in the correct details and required information and attach your recent photograph as per the given photo specifications.
    4. Attach the required documents along with the form.
    5. Pay the fees for the visa online.
    6. Submit the application form to the embassy online.
    7. When the application is submitted you will need to provide the biometrics to the embassy.
    8. Organize a health test if instructed by the embassy.
    1. Print out the application form from
    2. Fill in the appropriate details and sign the form
    3. Attach the documents, original if asked
    4. Submit the form to the embassy
    5. Pay the fees for the visa at the time of submitting the form
    6. Provide the biometrics
    7. Organize a health examination if mandated by the embassy
  • At the time of filling out the form, you need to ensure that you provide the proper and true information and the documents are genuine. If there is any kind of misconduct or if the original documents are not submitted, there is a possibility that your visa may get rejected. You must also note that if you go through a visa rejection, it can even affect your future visa applications.

    When you apply for a tourist visa Australia, you need to make sure that you meet the eligibility criteria. The eligibility for the ones who can apply is given as follows:

  • You must meet the health requirements :
  • The health requirements are different for different types of visas. They may not be required for a tourist visa. However, there are certain medical tests that are to be taken to get an Australian tourist visa for Indians. If you are above the age of 75, or if your stay is longer than 6 months, you will require a medical certificate.

  • You must meet the character requirements :
  • You need to acquire a character certificate in order to submit it to the embassy. It can be submitted in the form of a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) as well.

  • You must have enough funds to support your stay in Australia :
  • You need to have enough balance in your savings bank account. If not, you at least need to have access to funds to be able to pay for your expenses.

  • You must be a genuine visitor :
  • When you are applying for this tourist visa, you need to ensure that you are a genuine visitor and are visiting Australia only for tourism purposes. Meanwhile, you are also supposed to stay within the rules and regulations.

  • You must possess health insurance :
  • Health insurance must be issued so that you can cover any kind of possible injury. The insurance may limit your financial liability.

    When you enter Australia as foreigner and not eligible for e-Visa clearance at any kiosks, you would go through immigration lane and would be interviewed by immigration officer at the port of entry. It is important to be prepared to answer all the questions asked at Australian port of entry such as Airports or Seaports.

    Documents Required For Australian Tourist Visa

    There are particular documents that are required at the time of issuance of the visa. The Australia tourist visa documents are as follows:

  • Original passport with a validity of up to 6 months ahead of the date of journey
  • Coloured photographs as per the photo specifications
  • Detailed cover letter
  • Proof of change of name (if applicable)
  • Proof of financial funds
    1. Savings bank statement from the previous 6 months
    2. Salary slip; or any other equivalent documents
  • Invitation letter (if visiting a friend)
    1. The letter must specify your relationship with the invitee
    2. The purpose of the visit and the length of stay in the country
    3. Specifying if they are staying with you
  • Proof of you returning home
    1. Letter from your employer
    2. Letter from your school, college or the university
    3. Proof that you have immediate family back home
    4. Proof of your major assets at home
    5. Return ticket
  • Character documents – PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)
  • Income Tax Returns proof
  • Proof of identification – PAN card, Adhaar card
  • Top 5 Australian Australia Visa Interview Questions and Answers

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