Autocad 2017 Interview Questions

18) How can you make a spring, spiral or screw thread?

To make a spiral or screw thread use an AutoLISP routine such as spiral.1sp, it will create a spiral path according to your need. Then you can use EXTRUDE command with a reference object, using the spiral as the path. Also, there is another way you can do this, by using Mechanical Desktop (MDT) or Autosurf by using augmented lines as path.

12) How to set up a default drawing directory?

Default drawing directory has sub directories having the information using the windows commands. The applications, which are going to be used, are highlighted, and by using drag and drop features those application will be placed in the default directory. The properties for the application are selected from the menu and dialog boxes displayed on the front.

1 How are CAD and CADD different?Â

  • CAD is the abbreviation for Computer-aided design. On the other hand, CADD is an abbreviation for Computer-Aided Design and Drafting.
  • CAD is used for 2D and 3D s and 3D models.
  • CADD is a discrete subfield of engineering for dealing with the drafting and designing of any object. On the other hand, CADD will provide all additional features in an automatic drafting property for the design saving time on the part of manual drafting.
  • What are the basics of AutoCAD?

    UI understanding, 2D Sketching, 3D Modeling, Moving and Aligning Objects, Technical Drawings, and working skills Â

    1 What is the function of a vertical integration program? What is the meaning of Polar coordinates?

    The value is located in space where the location related to the last point is described.

    autocad 2017 interview questions

    1 What is the method to be used to draw a screw thread or a spiral?

    Multiple steps have to be followed to answer this question. The extrude command is the main command to be used for loading a reference object and the spiral of the screw thread will identify the path. The autoserve and the mechanical desktop where augmented lines will also define the path to make the screw head or the spiral.

    4) What is the file formats used in design?

    In Autocad, .dwg file format is used for design, it can be an interchangeable format. The file format which is interchangeable has the extension as DXF and operates data operability. It provides different languages which can be used as per the requirement.

    What features can be corrected?Â

    Mainly used in removing corrupted drawing elements. Adds vertices at poly-lines to include new vertices. IT removes objects no longer needed by the system by erasing or eliminating them. Â

    1 What are the steps to be followed before setting up the AutoCAD drawing?

    To set up the drawing in the software the following steps have to be executed:

  • Find out which units are in use
  • What are the drawing limits setÂ
  • Set the snap type on the right
  • Identify which increment to use
  • Set the grid Value as necessary
  • Why is AutoCAD very popular with engineers?Â

    Autocad software package is accurate and easy to use by engineers to develop visuals of any product. It is useful in changing or making alterations to the design while at the drafting stage itself before the finalization of a product design. For professionals in AutoCAD, it can give out the concept and design ideas for alternative options enhancing the productivity of the designer. It is very easy to collaborate with other designers or teams working on specific layers and specific design concepts of a larger design idea.Â

    Top 10 AutoCAD Interview Questions & Answers

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