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Then the technical discussion started, interviewer started with Azure and slowly moved to the basics of programming and OOPS concepts then WEB API and SQL.

Round 2 (Manager): Short but to the point, I think the interviewer asked project-related questions only

Top skills recommended for Capita Senior Consultant interview Insights by AmbitionBox

  • Administrative Support
  • Automation Testing
  • Defect Reporting
  • Manual Testing
  • STLC
  • Senior Level
  • Technical Support
  • Test Cases
  • Round duration – 60 Minutes Round difficulty – Medium

    In this round, the interviewer asked me 2 coding questions , the first one was related to Simple Hashing and the second one was to implement Kadanes Algorithm. I coded both the solutions in the given time and at the end was also asked some questions revolving around OOPS and C#.

  • Q1. Two Sum You are given an array of integers ARR of length N and an integer Target. Your task is to return all pairs of elements such thatread more View Answers (2)
  • Q2. Maximum Subarray Sum You are given an array/list ARR consisting of N integers. Your task is to find the maximum possible sum of a non-empty subarray(contagiread more View Answers (4)
  • Q3. OOPS QuestionWhat do you mean by data encapsulation? View Answers (1)
  • Q4. OOPS QuestionWhat are the different ways in which a method can be Overloaded in C#? View Answers (1)
  • Round duration – 60 Minutes Round difficulty – Medium

    This round was preety much mixed and had questions from LINQ , .NET framework, DBMS, OOPS and Design Patterns.

    Round duration – 30 Minutes Round difficulty – Easy

    This is a cultural fitment testing round. HR was very frank and asked standard questions. Then we discussed about my role.

  • Q1. Basic HR QuestionTell me something not there in your resume. View Answers (1)
  • Capita interview questions for popular designations

    Top skills recommended for Capita Software Consultant interview Insights by AmbitionBox

  • Q1. Interview questions was all about How many years of experience? If in current job yes Where do i live? Education? Work experience in brief self explaread more Add Answer
  • Q1. Post one and one interview directly with head, was selected and HR round was there to submit documents and other background verifications etc. Add Answer
  • Q1. Run through your profile. Add Answer
  • Q2. Responsibilities of a leader Add Answer
  • Q3. 2 strength and 2 weakness Add Answer
  • Q4. Why you want to be part of Capita Add Answer
  • 4 What is meant by system testing?

    System testing is a black-box testing technique, used on a complete integrated system, where it will test the system compliance as per the requirement.

    3 What is the average age of a defect in software testing?

    Defect age is the time elapsed between the day the tester discovered a defect and the day the developer got it fixed.

    While estimating the age of a defect, consider the following points:

  • The day of birth of a defect is the day it got assigned and accepted by the development team.
  • The issues which got dropped are out of the scope.
  • Age can be both in hours or days.
  • The end time is the day the defect got verified and closed, not just the day it got fixed by the development team.
  • Validation is a means to confirm that the developed product doesn’t have any bugs and is working as expected. It comprises the following activities:

    Static testing is a white-box testing technique that directs developers to verify their code with the help of a checklist to find errors in it. Developers can start the static testing without actually finalizing the application or program. Static testing is more cost-effective than dynamic testing as it more areas than dynamic testing in a shorter time.

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