Automation Testing Interview Questions And Answers For 1 Year Experience

Since software testing covers a broad range of career paths, the automation testing and quality assurance interview questions below are likewise broad in scope. You can find in-depth QA interview questions and functional testing interview questions in separate articles if you want more detail.

To make sure that you are fully prepared, we will start with the basics and work up to more advanced automation tester interview questions.

37) What are the differences between manual testing and automation testing?

Here are some major differences between manual and automation testing:

Parameters Manual Testing Automation Testing
Time consumption More Less
STLC Follow manually Follows using tool
Cos Less expensive Expensive
Reliability Less Reliable Highly Reliable
Quality Low High
Skill Set Less skill set required High skill set is required.

17) Is it possible to achieve 100% automation?

No, it is not possible to automate everything. Achieving 100% automation is difficult as there are some scenarios where a registration page has a captcha or some test cases we don’t execute often. Moreover, automating these test cases will not add value to the automation or bring positive ROI.

29) Mention what the difference between Selenium and SikuliX is?

SikuliX Selenium
It provides extensive support to automate flash objects It cannot automate flash objects like video players or audio players.
It has a simple API It has got complicated API
It uses a visual match to find elements on the screen. So, we can automate anything we see on the screen. It uses CSS, ID, locators, and other selected to identify GUI elements
It can automate the web as well as windows application It can automate only web applications

25) Can you do automation without a framework?

Frameworks are guidelines and not mandatory to create and execute automation scripts. So, yes, we can automate without a framework. Enhancing and maintaining test scripts would be easy if we created and followed a framework.

What kind of tests should not be automated?

The following conditions help determine if a test is better suited for manual operations:

  • The test feature changes frequently
  • Testing involves user experience and usability
  • Tests do not offer pass or fail conditions
  • Tests rely on the testers discretion to determine results
  • QA Test Automation Engineer Interview Questions

  • Describe the stages in an Automation Testing Life Cycle
  • Why do we need Automation Testing?
  • Should all tests be Automated?
  • Describe the risks associated with Automation Testing.
  • Is Automation Testing useful in Agile Methodology?
  • Is Automation Testing possible without a framework?
  • Describe different types of Testing Frameworks.
  • How will you decide on an Automation Testing Solution?
  • Name the main features of a quality Automation Testing Solution.
  • When is Automation Testing not useful in Agile Methodology?
  • In the future, does Automated Testing replace Manual Testing?
  • Describe the structure of a Test Automation Framework and talk about its important modules.
  • When does one need to automate a test?
  • Using what factors would you determine the effectiveness of Automation Testing?
  • How do you know which test cases can be automated and when to avoid Automated Testing?
  • Name some disadvantages of Manual Testing.
  • Sort an array
  • Print a number in reverse
  • Print a string in reverse
  • Determine if a string is a palindrome
  • Automate the testing of CAPTCHA
  • Select a test case for Automation
  • Handle exceptions in java
  • Use parameters in cucumber/testNG
  • Validate flatfiles, DB using Java
  • Skip method/test in TestNG, Cucumber BDD
  • Find, in an array, the largest sum of consecutive integers
  • How can you do Automation Testing on a web app login page?
  • Given an input string = aabbbccccaaaaa, maintain the insertion order and output a2b3c4a5.
  • Check when multiplying a six-digit number with 2 gives a number that has all the same numbers. For example, 142857 x 2 = 285714
  • Given an array with numbers 1-5, how would you subtract one number from every EVEN number in each index?
  • Give one and just one sufficient test case to determine that a white paper is a white paper.
  • How would you test a blender?
  • How would you test a toaster?
  • A 1-mile x 1-mile private island needs to be turned into a resort. A plane requires a 2-mile long runway to take off. What would you do?
  • In a corridor with 100 lockers, Ana passes the first time and opens each locker. Then she passes the second time and closes each alternate locker. She then passes the third time and toggles the state of each third locker, then passes each fourth locker again, and so on. How many lockers will be open at the end if this repeats 100 times?
  • Automation Testing Interview Questions| Selenium Interview Questions| 0-2 years

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