Autonation Interview Questions

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autonation interview questions

Can you tell us something about yourself?

Your first sales pitch starts right here. If you can’t get the interest of your interviewers within three minutes, you won’t make it as a car dealer. Try to sell them your skills, passion, persistence, and motivation.

You can talk about your love for professional selling, about successful deals you close before (they don’t have to relate to cars), about your passion for cars (and deep knowledge of the brands and models they offer in their store).

You can also mention any sales related training, books, and seminars you attended or read, or about anything else that has helped you to get ready for the job. Remember, the most important thing is to show some positive energy, right from the start of your interview.

Customers do not buy from boring salesmen. And store managers do not hire such salesmen…

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autonation interview questions

Why do you want to work as a car dealer?

Here you have a few options for a good answer. If you had a similar job in the past (selling anything car related), you can say that you’d love to continue working in the field, benefiting from your existing knowledge and experience.

Another idea is emphasizing your passion for cars (and everything that relates to them), and that you believe you will enjoy your new job. You can also add that you trust in your excellent sales and communication skills, and believe you have a potential to become an excellent car salesman in the near future.

Tell us about your most successful sales experience.

Try to tell them a story, something they will remember. For example, a story how you turned a difficult prospect into a repeating customer, or how someone came to get the most basic model of the car and you eventually convinced them to get the most expensive one.

You do not need experience with professional selling to come up with a good answer. Perhaps you just sold a great idea to your child (or friend), or convinced someone to do something crazy, something they’d never do without your intervention.

Think about it for a while. We are selling something all our lives–our skills in an interview, our ideas and opinions to our peers and loved ones, our knowledge (or art least courage) to our teachers, a dream to our future girlfriend/boyfriend, etc.

Use your creativity and find a successful sales experience. I am sure you have many of them, maybe you just can’t recall them right now.

autonation interview questions

The key is to say that you prefer to be paid on commission basis (plus a basic fixed salary, to help you keep your head above water during low season). Best salesmen (or people who aspire for a great career in sales) always prefer sales commissions to fixed salary–because they will earn more money with commission payment model.

Ensure the interviewers that you do not want to be paid for sitting in your comfy office. You plan to sell a lot of cars, and be properly compensated for your efforts.

Important note: Car salesmen can earn anything from 15% to 30% on gross profit, depending on the employer and whether they sell new or used cars. You can ask your interviewer about the payment structure, if they do not advertise this information publicly.


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