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Avasoft Technical Interview Questions: Freshers and Experienced

In python, both array and the list are data structures used to store the data. These data structures can be used for slicing, indexing, and iterating:

Array List
In Python, an array is a collection of elements of the same data type. With contiguous memory locations, the elements can easily be modified, that is, added to, deleted from, and accessed. In Python, a list is a collection of elements of multiple data types, which may be either character, numeric, logical values, etc., in a single variable. Using Pythons built-in functions, you may simply merge and copy the contents of lists.
For array declaration, a module must be imported explicitly. There is no need to import a module explicitly for list declarations.
Mathematical operations can be performed directly. Arithmetic operations cannot be performed directly.
This is preferred for long data sequences. It is ideal for a short sequence of data items.
In order to access or print the array elements, a loop must be formed. You can print the entire list without explicitly looping.
Memory consumption is less than a list. Use more memory so that adding elements is easier.


# creating an array of elements with the same data type import array sampl_array = array.array(a, [k, m, g]) # accessing array elements. for a in sampl_array: print(a)


k m g


#creating list of elements with different data types sample_list = [23, “Scaler”, 74, 16, [‘a’,‘e’]]; # accessing list elements print(sample_list)


[23, ‘Scaler’, 74, 16, [‘a’,‘e’]];

Why should we hire you?

Demonstrate that you are capable of doing the job and delivering great results. Its impossible to evaluate other candidates strengths and talents, but you know yours: highlight your key skills, strengths, talents, expertise, and accomplishments that have led to great results in your last project/position.

Sample Answer:

“To be honest, I feel like the job description was tailored specifically for me. As a programmer with 5 years of experience, a proven track record of success and an understanding of agile development processes, I am qualified to meet your needs. Also, I have honed my communication skills through working directly with senior managers, so I am well-suited to work on high-profile, cross-departmental projects. Being able to contribute from day one excites me about the prospect of joining the team. Since I have given 100% effort to my previous companies, I have become more aware of my capabilities and limitations. In the long run, they will be fruitful for me as well as for your very esteemed organization.”

Write a program to determine whether or not a given number is an Armstrong number?

Given a number x, determine whether the given number is Armstrong number or not. Let x be a positive number with n digits. The number is considered to be an Armstrong number if the sum of each digit raised to the power n equals the number x itself.

kcl… = pow(k, n) + pow(c, n) + pow(l, n) + …

Example: Assume that number x=1634. The total number of digits in this case is 4.

1^4 + 6^4 + 3^4 + 4^4

=1 + 1296 + 81 + 256

As we can see, the sum of each digit i.e., 1, 6, 3, and 4 raised to power 4 is equal to the number 1634. As a result, the number 1634 is an Armstrong number.


Sample Output 1:

Sample Output 2:

Regression testing is a type of software testing that entails running functional and non-functional test cases to confirm that previously produced and tested software continues to function after a recent code modification. If not, this is referred to as regression. Simply said, a full or partial re-execution of previously executed test cases to ensure that existing functionality is performing effectively following code modifications.

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