Avaya Ivr Interview Questions

Do I need my IVR if running Visual IVR from Jacada?

No. Nevertheless, the option to integrate Visual IVR with a native app is available and utilized by many organizations today.

How does Visual IVR compete with voice?

An intriguing question – from a truly competitive point of view, both solutions can be attached and compete for the same budget. Ultimately you should give your customers channel choice and let them choose. From a customer experience perspective, digital and visual seem to have far better customer satisfaction than voice. Visual is also better in noisy environments and where voice recognition is problematic. There are times though when Voice may be better, such as when driving.

The imei is tied to the sim card and is not identified through any iOS api due to privacy issues and misues of the identifier. You would need to do your own mapping from the inbound caller ID. I believe android may allow access to this information but I’d be happy to hear from any technical people on this call to correct me if I’m wrong.

What is the difference between Visual IVR and a regular app?

This is a great question we get all the time. Visual IVR engages your voice callers digitally – what we see with mobile apps is that they don’t stem the tide of inbound calls. Second, Visual IVR doesn’t require any install, so adoption is high. Third, the two solutions can be quite complimentary – Visual IVR helps establish digital habits for your voice callers and can even drive them to better usage of the mobile app.

What can we expect from an Average Handle Time reduction?

This of course depends on the complexity of your call types, the type of information you can collect visually and what changes you may want to make to your IVR flows – There really isn’t a one size fits all answer here. However, to give you some context, we generally expect 20 to 60 seconds AHT savings by moving to a visual solution whereby you collect some data upfront. We can definitely help you model the savings and ROI.

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How can you start Visual IVR on the customer’s smartphone?

When the call comes in, we detect the device the caller is coming from and the carrier the user is on. We can then either send them a text message to start an HTML session, or do a push.

Can Visual IVR replace online banking?

That really isn’t the intent of Visual IVR. It’s about offering channel choice for your customers, and driving digital engagement. In fact, the argument can be made that it will enhance your online banking services and lower your inbound call volume.

Explain IVR Telephony Architecture Diagram | Avaya IVR and AES/AEP

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