Aws Autoscaling Interview Questions

AWS Interview Questions for Elastic Load Balancing

There are three types of load balancers that are supported by Elastic Load Balancing:

  • Application Load Balancer
  • Network Load Balancer
  • Classic Load Balancer
  • If you need to perform real-time monitoring of AWS services and get actionable insights, which services would you use?

  • Amazon Firewall Manager
  • Amazon GuardDuty
  • Amazon CloudWatch
  • Amazon EBS
  • 6  What do you mean by the latency-based routing feature of Amazon Route 53?

    This feature supports improving your application’s performance globally. Amazon Route 53 uses edge locations across the world, by which it routes end users to Amazon regions efficiently. In addition, you can run applications on various Amazon regions and Amazon route 53, so you can achieve effective routing with low latency.

    4 Can you change the private IP address of an EC2 instance while it is in running or in a stopped state?

    No, it cannot be changed. When an EC2 instance is launched, a private IP address is assigned to that instance at the boot time. This private IP address is attached to the instance for its entire lifetime and can never be changed.

    Which AWS region is the cheapest?

    The US standard is the cheapest region; it is also the most established AWS region.

    8 What are the managed policies in AWS IAM?

    There are two types of managed policies; one that is managed by you and one that is managed by AWS. They are IAM resources that express permissions using IAM policy language. You can create, edit, and manage them separately from the IAM users, groups, and roles to which they are attached.

    4 What are Throughput Optimised HDD and Cold HDD volume types?

    Throughput optimized HDDs are magnetic type storage that defines performance based on throughput. It is suitable for frequently accessed, large and sequential workloads.

    Cold HDD volumes are also magnetic-type storages where performance is calculated based on throughput. These storages are inexpensive and best suitable for infrequent sequential and large cold workloads.

    6 What kind of IP address can you use for your customer gateway (CGW) address?

    We can use the Internet routable IP address, which is a public IP address of your NAT device.

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    What is AMI?

    Amazon Machine is a template that offers the information required to launch an instance that acts as a copy of AMI running as a virtual server in the cloud. The information provided is about the operating system, applications and the application server itself. Many instances can be launched at one time from different AMIs as per your instructions.

    6 How does Amazon ElastiCache function?

    It is the fully managed and in-memory cache that supports real-time use cases. It functions as a fast in-memory data store and acts as a database, cache, message broker, and queue. Moreover, this service will support real-time transactions, Business Intelligence tools, session stores, and gaming leaderboards.

    How do Amazon Kinesis data streams function?

    Amazon Kinesis captures data from AWS services, microservices, Logs, and mobile apps and sensors, which can be of any quantity. Then, it easily streams the data to AWS Lambda, Amazon kinesis data analytics, and data firehose. And Amazon kinesis builds data streaming applications using the mentioned AWS services, open-source framework, and custom applications.

    1 As a database administrator. you will employ a service that is used to set up and manage databases such as MySQL, MariaDB, and PostgreSQL. Which service are we referring to?

  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon Elasticache
  • AWS Database Migration Service
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