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Tell me about a time when you performed a challenging network repair?

Reveals the candidates experience and whether the scenario described, meets job expectations.

Top Answers to AWS Interview Questions


Amazon AWS comes under the top 15 certifications that individuals enroll in. It is also among the most popular and high-paying IT jobs in the world. Most professionals are also looking to upskill themselves in this field since major companies have either already transferred their data to the cloud or they are on the verge of doing so. In this blog on Amazon AWS Interview Questions and answers, our aim is to cover all the significant interview questions that are generally asked in the field of the cloud, Amazon AWS, and other related technologies:

We have categorized the Top Amazon AWS cloud interview questions into the following three parts: 1. Basic

5 What is CloudWatch?

The Amazon CloudWatch is used for monitoring and managing data and getting actionable insights for AWS, on-premise applications, etc. It helps you to monitor your entire task stack that includes the applications, infrastructure, and services. Apart from this, CloudWatch also assists you in optimizing your resource utilization and cost by providing analytics-driven insights.

1 Your organization wants to send and receive compliance emails to its clients using its own email address and domain. What service would you suggest for achieving the same in an easy and cost-effective way?

Amazon Simple Email Service (Amazon SES), which is a cloud-based email sending service, can be used for this purpose.

1 Share With Us Your Greatest Achievement

In my previous role, I got a chance to represent the data center team on IT Change Management Board where I was able to lead a successful hardware migration effort for NetBackup Environment.

2 How would you handle a situation where the relational database engine crashes often whenever the traffic to your RDS instances increases, given that the replica of RDS instance is not promoted as the master instance?

A bigger RDS instance type needs to be opted for handling large amounts of traffic, creating manual or automated snapshots to recover data in case the RDS instance goes down.

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2 How To Optimize Connectivity For A Network?

Data is constantly in transit whenever users access resources on other computers, depending on the layout of the network and active users on the network, the time is going is vary for the data retrieving. A well-maintained network ensures that your connectivity is optimized thus making it easy to access data and other resources without too much waiting.

3 Your organization has four instances for production and another four for testing. You are asked to set up a group of IAM users that can only access the four production instances and not the other four testing instances. How will you achieve this?

We can achieve this by defining tags on the test and production instances and then adding a condition to the IAM policy that allows access to specific tags.

1 Your organization has decided to have all their workload on the public cloud. But, due to certain security concerns, your organization decides to distribute some of the workload on private servers. You are asked to suggest a cloud architecture for your organization. What will be your suggestion?

A hybrid cloud. The hybrid cloud architecture is where an organization can use the public cloud for shared resources and the private cloud for its confidential workloads.

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