Aws Ec2 Interview Questions And Answers

Here are AWS interview questions and answers for fresher as well as experienced candidates to get their dream job.

AWS stands for Amazon Web Service; it is a collection of remote computing services also known as a cloud computing platform. This new realm of cloud computing is also known as IaaS or Infrastructure as a Service.

Explain the relation between availability region and zone?

Answer : The distinct geographical areas are referred to as availability regions.

For example – Asia South (Chennai) and US West 1 ( North Washington).

However, the sites included under these regions are called availability zones.

Usually, only isolated regions are included, capable of replicating themselves as per requirement.

7 Mention the benefits of ElastiCache?

Answer: The benefits of ElastiCache are as mentioned below

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Scalable Caching environment
  • High performance
  • Answer: The significant role of PaaS is to successfully run cloud platforms predominantly to monitor, develop and test the software that is functioning.

    6 Unable to ping Instance We launched a Windows 2019 IIS server in the Ohio region and deployed a dynamic website in this server, in addition, the webserver also connected with a backend MS-SQL server to store and access data related to the application. Our users were able to access the website over the Internet. The next day our client informed us that they were able to access the website, but weren’t able to ping the server from the Internet. To ensure ICMP rule in Security Group, we checked, and the Security Group had allowed rule from Would you try to help troubleshoot the issue?

    If the client is able to access the website from his/her end, it means the connection is perfect and no issue with connectivity and the Security Group configuration also seems correct.

    We can check the internal firewall of the Windows 2019 IIS server. If it is blocking ICMP traffic, we should enable it.

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    5 Suggest some types of backups in the RDS database.

    Answer: The possible backups in the available database are as follows

    2 Name the different pricing models for EC2?

    Answer: The different pricing models for EC2 are

  • Scheduled
  • Reserved
  • Spot
  • Dedicated
  • on-demand
  • 46) What are the different types of Load Balancers in AWS services?

    Two types of Load balancers are:

  • Application Load Balancer
  • Classic Load Balancer
  • 50) What is the use of lifecycle hooks in Autoscaling?

    Lifecycle hooks are used for autoscaling to put an additional wait time to a scale in or scale out event.

    8 Discuss the purpose of lifecycle hooks is auto-scaling?

    Answer: In Amazon AWS, there are situations when you need to install necessary software or extract log files. During these situations, lifecycle hooks help add wait time before an instances termination or launch.

    Answer: Lambda facilitates deploying functions that are triggered by events and also help to run server-less applications

    Answer: SES is an Amazon service that helps send bulk emails to users at a low cost.

    Answer: Functions such as the response to CloudFront events to execute functions in AWS without a managing server is performed by Lambda edge.

    Answer: Amazon Kinesis Firehose is a data Firehouse that helps stack information in devices or information stores without a continuous organization.

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    3 Suppose, I created a subnet and launched an EC2 instance in the subnet with default settings. Which of the following options will be ready to use on the EC2 instance as soon as it is launched?Elastic IPPrivate IPPublic IPInternet Gateway

    Private IP. Private IP is automatically assigned to the instance as soon as it is launched. While elastic IP has to be set manually, Public IP needs an Internet Gateway which again has to be created since it’s a new VPC.

    AWS EC2 Interview Questions&Answers|Get the right preparation for the AWS interview 2021

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