Aws Interview Questions And Answers For Accenture Interview

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Here are the top most asked questions in Accenture AWS interview:

  • What is AWS?
  • What are the key components of AWS?
  • The importance of buffer in amazon web services?
  • Name several layers of cloud computing?
  • Explain vertically scale an Amazon instance and how?
  • The components involved in amazon web services?
  • What is [email protected] in AWS?
  • Distinguish between scalability and flexibility?
  • Types of events triggered by the amazon cloud front?
  • Which automation gears can help with spinup services?
  • What is an AMI? How do I build one?
  • The main features of the amazon cloud front?
  • What is the amazon ec2 service?
  • The features of the amazon ec2 service?
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    Top AWS Interview Questions and Answers

    Below are the Frequently Asked Questions:

    51) What are the various layers of Cloud Architecture explained in AWS training?

    Different layers of cloud architecture are:

  • Cloud controller
  • Cluster controller
  • Storage Controller
  • Node Controller
  • Which of the following is a means for accessing human researchers or consultants to help solve problems on a contractual or temporary basis?

  • Amazon Mechanical Turk
  • Amazon Elastic Mapreduce
  • Amazon DevPay
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • 33) When was EC2 officially launched?

    EC2 officially launched in the year 2006.

    SimpleDB is a data repository of structure record which encourages data doubts and indexing both S3 and EC2are called SimpleDB.

    Amazon Elasticcache is a web service which makes it easy to deploy, scale and store data in the cloud.

    Lambda is an Amazon compute service which allows you to run code in the AWS Cloud without managing servers.

    1 What is an Elastic Transcoder?

    To support multiple devices with various resolutions like laptops, tablets, and smartphones, we need to change the resolution and format of the video. This can be done easily by an AWS Service tool called the Elastic Transcoder, which is a media transcoding in the cloud that exactly lets us do the needful. It is easy to use, cost-effective, and highly scalable for businesses and developers.

    4 How can you recover/login to an EC2 instance for which you have lost the key?

    Follow the steps provided below to recover an EC2 instance if you have lost the key:

  • Verify that the EC2Config service is running
  • Detach the root volume for the instance
  • Attach the volume to a temporary instance
  • Modify the configuration file
  • Restart the original instance
  • 9 Which type of scaling would you recommend for RDS and why?

    There are two types of scaling – vertical scaling and horizontal scaling. Vertical scaling lets you vertically scale up your master database with the press of a button. A database can only be scaled vertically, and there are 18 different instances in which you can resize the RDS. On the other hand, horizontal scaling is good for replicas. These are read-only replicas that can only be done through Amazon Aurora.

    7 Can you take a backup of EFS like EBS, and if yes, how?

    Yes, you can use the EFS-to-EFS backup solution to recover from unintended changes or deletion in Amazon EFS. Follow these steps:

  • Sign in to the AWS Management Console
  • Click the launch EFS-to-EFS-restore button
  • Use the region selector in the console navigation bar to select region
  • Verify if you have chosen the right template on the Select Template page
  • Assign a name to your solution stack
  • Review the parameters for the template and modify them if necessary
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