Aws Java Interview Questions

As a web developer, you are developing an app, targeted especially for the mobile platform. Which of the following lets you add user sign-up, sign-in, and access control to your web and mobile apps quickly and easily?

  • AWS Shield
  • AWS Macie
  • AWS Inspector
  • Amazon Cognito
  • 9 How does AWS config work with AWS CloudTrail?

    AWS CloudTrail records user API activity on your account and allows you to access information about the activity. Using CloudTrail, you can get full details about API actions such as the identity of the caller, time of the call, request parameters, and response elements. On the other hand, AWS Config records point-in-time configuration details for your AWS resources as Configuration Items (CIs).Â

    You can use a CI to ascertain what your AWS resource looks like at any given point in time. Whereas, by using CloudTrail, you can quickly answer who made an API call to modify the resource. You can also use Cloud Trail to detect if a security group was incorrectly configured.

    4 What are the Snow family members?

  • AWS Snowcone
  • AWS Snowball
  • AWS Snowmobile
  • 8 What Is Cloudtrail and How Do Cloudtrail and Route 53 Work Together?Â

    CloudTrail is a service that captures information about every request sent to the Amazon Route 53 API by an AWS account, including requests that are sent by IAM users. CloudTrail saves log files of these requests to an Amazon S3 bucket. CloudTrail captures information about all requests. You can use information in the CloudTrail log files to determine which requests were sent to Amazon Route 53, the IP address that the request was sent from, who sent the request, when it was sent, and more.

    9  Compare Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring and Amazon VPC Flow Logs?

    With Amazon VPC traffic mirroring, you can get actionable insights about network traffic, which will help you analyze the traffic content, payloads, the root cause for issues, and control data misuse. On the other hand, Amazon VPC flow logs provide information about traffic acceptance and rejections, source and destination IP addresses, packet, and byte counts, and ports details. It helps to troubleshoot security and connectivity issues to optimize network performance.

    What is Amazon Kinesis?

    This AWS service collects, processes, and analyses real-time streaming data and generates useful insights. Here, the real-time data will be video, audio, application logs, IoT telemetry data, and website clickstreams. And you can take the right actions at the right time based on these insights. Especially, data is processed and analyzed once received rather than waiting for the arrival of the whole data.

    20) Explain default storage class in S3

    The default storage class is a Standard frequently accessed.

    Roles are used to provide permissions to entities which you can trust within your AWS account. Roles are very similar to users. However, with roles, you do not require to create any username and password to work with the resources.

    4 How do you configure CloudWatch to recover an EC2 instance?

    Here’s how you can configure them:

  • Create an Alarm using Amazon CloudWatch
  • In the Alarm, go to Define Alarm -> Actions tab
  • Choose Recover this instance option
  • 3 Your organization has four instances for production and another four for testing. You are asked to set up a group of IAM users that can only access the four production instances and not the other four testing instances. How will you achieve this?

    We can achieve this by defining tags on the test and production instances and then adding a condition to the IAM policy that allows access to specific tags.

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