Aws Terraform Interview Questions

3 What is Terragrunt, and what are its uses?

Terragrunt is a thin wrapper that provides extra tools to keep configurations DRY, manage remote state and work with multiple Terraform modules. It is used for:

  • Working with multiple AWS accounts
  • Executing Terraform commands on multiple modules
  • Keeping our CLI flags DRY
  • Keeping our remote state configuration DRY
  • Keeping our Terraform code DRY
  • State file locking is Terraform mechanism in which operations on a specific state file are blocked to avoid conflicts between multiple users performing the same process. When one user releases the lock, then only the other one can operate on that state. This helps in preventing state file corruption. This is a backend operation.

    1 What are modules in Terraform?

    A jug for numerous resources that are used jointly is known as a module in Terraform. The root module includes resources mentioned in the .tf files and is required for every Terraform.

    Question 61: What is the benefit of Terraform State? What is the benefit of using modules in terraform?

    Answer: Terraform state is primarily used to store bindings between remote system items and resource instances specified in your configuration. When Terraform generates a remote object in response to a configuration change, it saves the remote object’s identification to a specific resource instance and may update or remove that object in response to future configuration changes.

    We can save time and avoid costly errors by reusing configuration created by you, other members of your team, or other Terraform experts who have published modules for you to use.

    Question 7: Name some major features of Terraform?

    Answer: Some of them are:

  • Execution Plan
  • Change Automation
  • Resource Graph
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Question 46: Tell us about some notable Terraform applications.

    Answer: The applications of Terraform are pretty broad due to its facility of extending its abilities for resource manipulation. Some of the unique applications are:

  • Software demos development
  • Resource schedulers
  • Multi-cloud deployment
  • Disposable environment creations
  • Multi-tier applications development
  • Self-service clusters
  • Setup of Heroku App
  • 1 What is a Terraform cloud?

    The platform which allows teams to collaborate on Terraform projects on-demand or in reaction to specific circumstances is the Terraform cloud. It is tightly connected with Terraforms processes and data. Terraform modules are shared by a private registry.

    Question 53: How will you upgrade plugins on Terraform?

    Answer: Terraform providers are distributed separately from the Terraform binary since Terraform v0.10. This allows them to update at different rates while also allowing a larger group of people to collaborate on the providers. This is mostly positive, but it adds a new step for upgrading providers.

    2 Provide a few examples of where we can use Sentinel policies?

    Sentinels are an excellent method to use Terraform to apply a range of rules. Listed below are a few examples:

  • Make unambiguous ownership of resources a must.
  • Limit the roles that the cloud provider can play.
  • Examine the Terraform Cloud operations audit trail.
  • Only particular resources, services, or data sources are prohibited.
  • Make resource labeling obligatory.
  • In the Private Module Registry, you may limit how modules are utilized.
  • #1 What is the Private Module Registry?

    A Private Module Registry Terraform Cloud feature allows us to share Terraform modules across our organization.

    1 What are Terraform modules?

    In Terraform, a module is a container containing many resources utilized together. The root module is required for every Terraform and includes the resources listed in the. tf files.

    Can I use Terraform to deploy several providers?

    Yes, Terraform supports multi-provider installations, including on-premises solutions like OpenStack and VMware, as well as SDN management.

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