Aws Well Architected Framework Interview Questions

24) What will happen if the content is absent in CloudFront and a request is made?

CloudFront sent the content from the primary server directly to the cache memory of the edge location. As it’s a content delivery system, it tries to cut down the latency and that is why it will happen. If the operation is performed for the second time, the data would directly be served from the cache location.

12) Name the practices available when it comes to securing the Amazon EC2?

This can be done through several practices. A review of the protocols in the security group is to be monitored regularly and it is to be ensured that the principle of least is applicable over there. The next practice is using access management and AWS identity for controlling and securing access. Access is to be restricted to hosts and networks that are trusted. In addition to this, only those permissions are opened which are required and not any other. It would also be good to disable password-based logins for the instances.

18) What will happen if you launch the instances in Amazon VPC?

This is a common approach that is considered when it comes to launching EC2 instances. Each instance will be having a default IP address if the instances are launched in Amazon VPC. This approach is also considered when you need to connect cloud resources with the data centers.

9) Tell us various parameters that you should consider while selecting the Availability Zone?

For this, there are various parameters that should be kept in mind. Some of them are performance, pricing, latency, as well as response time.

25) Is it possible to use direct connect for transferring the objects from the data centers?

Yes, it is possible. Cloud Front simply supports custom origins and thus this task can be performed. However, you need to pay for it depending on the data transfer rates.

19) Is it possible to establish a connection between the Amazon cloud and a corporate data center? How?

Yes, it’s possible. For this, first, a Virtual Private Network is to be established between the Virtual private cloud and the organization’s network. After this, the connection can simply be created and data can be accessed reliably.

3) When there is a need to acquire costs with an EIP?

EIP stands for Elastic Internet Protocol address. Costs are acquired with an EIP when the same is associated and allocated with a stopped instance. In case only one Elastic IP is there with the instance you are running, you will not be charged for it. However, in case the IP is attached to a stopped instance or doesn’t attach to any instance, you need to pay for it.

13) What are the states available in Processor State Control?

It contains two states and they are:

  • P-state- It has different levels starting from P0 to P15. P0 represents the highest frequency and P15 represents the lowest frequency.
  • C-State- Its levels are from C0 to C6 where C6 is the strongest state for the processor.
  • It is possible to customize these states in a few EC2 instances which enable users to customize the processor as per need.

    5) Name the Instances types for which the Multi AZ-deployments are available

  • The Multi-AZ deployments are simply available for all the instances irrespective of their types and use.
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