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Frequently Asked SSRS Interview Questions 2022

Ans. In reporting services, the Tablix is a sum of tables with matrices. Every report we create using SSRS technology is based on the Tablix data region. In other words, It can be managed with the combined capabilities of a table and a matrix.

12) Explain can you implement data mining in SSRS?

Yes, it is possible to implement data mining in SSRS by using DMX designer to create data mining queries for SSRS reports.

SSRS Developer Interview Questions with Answers for Freshers

Here are the ssrs interview questions and answers asked from the freshers or candidates applying on the entry-level positions.

Ans:- SSRS or (SQL Server Reporting Services) is a server-based report generation tool or software system from Microsoft and an important part of the business intelligence platform today. The features of the tool are listed as below –

  • The tool is suitable for creating highly interactive reports.
  • The reports can be administered ahead through a web-based interface.
  • It could deliver customized reports as per the requirements.
  • The tool helps you to create graphics-rich reports including charts, graphs, and other visual techniques.
  • The reports could be generated in multiple formats like Excel, PDF, Word etc.
  • Ans:-SSRS tool is a multi-tiered system having applications, servers, and multiple data layers. The SSRS architecture is highly modular and scalable too. A single installation of the program can be utilized along multiple systems. The components included in the SSRS architecture are listed below –

    Ans:-The life cycle of an SSRS reporting tool includes three phases. These are Report development, Report Management, and Report Delivery.

  • Report Development – The report designing and development is done by developers.
  • Report Management – Once the report is created, it will be managed by the administrator ahead. He will check that the report should be accessed by authorized users only. Also, the report execution should be performed well to optimize the performance. And further, they are scheduled well based on the priorities.
  • Report Delivery – This phase is executed by the DBA and developers together. Once the report is developed and managed well, it is deployed to the client after a proper data analysis. In case, you feel any issues then go back to the development stage right away.
  • Ans:-

  • A Report Designer component is needed for report creation.
  • The Report server is needed for the report execution.
  • And the Report manager is needed for report management.
  • Ans:-Crystal reports are processed by the IIS server while SSRS has a report server. Crystal reports can be enabled through a cache server where SSRS reports are available for Report history snapshots. Crystal reports have well-defined standard and custom user-defined labels while SSRS has only user-defined labels.

    Ans:-There are plenty of tools like Visual Studio / BI / SSDT tools that can be used to add reporting service reports to any application. There are two versions available for every tool, one is for Dot net framework and the other is for Windows framework.

    Ans:-Report Manager is a web application that can be accessed through a URL in SSRS. You can define permission for this web application and limit the functionalities based on the type of users. Each user is assigned a role and permissions are defined for that particular role.

    Ans:-The reports are integrated with Visual Studio projects with the help of a report designer and a report server. Here, you can analyze the data well collected from multiple sources and stored in databases further.

    The multiple roles offered by the SSRS include Browsers, Content Managers, My Reports, Publishers, and Report Builders etc.

    Ans:-For many years, Microsoft had no direct solution for reporting other than crystal reports. Now it has SSRS but the framework has certain limitations too.

  • It is quite complex to understand the structure and functionality of any newly added component.
  • Many users still believe that crystal reports are the best solution for reporting because they don’t want to switch to any other reporting tool.
  • Sometimes, there come issues in case of large reporting that may lead to data loss as well.
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