Axis Group Interview Questions

4 Design a view in Tableau to show State-wise Sales and Profit using the Sample Superstore dataset.

  • Drag the Country field on to the view section and expand it to see the States.
  • Drag the Sales field on to Size, and Profit on to Colour.
  • Increase the size of the bubbles, add a border, and halo color.
  • From the above map, it is clear that states like Washington, California, and New York have the highest sales and profits. While Texas, Pennsylvania, and Ohio have good amounts of sales but the least profits.

    SQL Interview Questions for Data Analysts

    To subset or filter data in SQL, we use WHERE and HAVING clauses.

    Using this table, let’s find the records for movies that were directed by Brad Bird.

    Now, let’s filter the table for directors whose movies have an average duration greater than 115 minutes.

    2 Using the data given below, create a pivot table to find the total sales made by each sales representative for each item. Display the sales as % of the grand total.

  • Select the entire table range, click on the Insert tab and choose PivotTable
  • Select the table range and the worksheet where you want to place the pivot table
  • Drag Sale total on to Values, and Sales Rep and Item on to Row Labels. It will give the sum of sales made by each representative for every item they have sold.
  • Right-click on “Sum of Sale Total’ and expand Show Values As to select % of Grand Total.
  • Below is the resultant pivot table.
  • 3 What is a Subquery in SQL?

    A Subquery in SQL is a query within another query. It is also known as a nested query or an inner query. Subqueries are used to enhance the data to be queried by the main query.Â

    It is of two types – Correlated and Non-Correlated Query.

    Below is an example of a subquery that returns the name, email id, and phone number of an employee from Texas city.

    5 How can you add a column to a Pandas Data Frame?

    Suppose there is an emp data frame that has information about a few employees. Let’s add an Address column to that data frame.

    Declare a list of values that will be converted into an address column.

    1 In Microsoft Excel, a numeric value can be treated as a text value if it precedes with what?

  • COUNT function returns the count of numeric cells in a range
  • COUNTA function counts the non-blank cells in a range
  • COUNTBLANK function gives the count of blank cells in a range
  • COUNTIF function returns the count of values by checking a given condition
  • axis group interview questions

    What are the different types of sampling techniques used by data analysts?

    Sampling is a statistical method to select a subset of data from an entire dataset (population) to estimate the characteristics of the whole population.Â

    There are majorly five types of sampling methods:

  • Simple random sampling
  • Systematic sampling
  • Cluster sampling
  • Stratified sampling
  • Judgmental or purposive sampling
  • Define the term ‘Data Wrangling in Data Analytics.

    Data Wrangling is the process wherein raw data is cleaned, structured, and enriched into a desired usable format for better decision making. It involves discovering, structuring, cleaning, enriching, validating, and analyzing data. This process can turn and map out large amounts of data extracted from various sources into a more useful format. Techniques such as merging, grouping, concatenating, joining, and sorting are used to analyze the data. Thereafter it gets ready to be used with another dataset.

    Axis Bank Interview Questions with Answer Examples

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