Axxess Interview Questions

Want to know what your patients think about your organization?

axxess interview questions

Our people share qualities that makes us successful and drives our entrepreneurial mindset. While we do not have an exact template for success, we have an idea of the characteristics that makes innovating at Axxess fun!

What creates success on our team?

No matter where you are in your career journey Axxess Training and Certification will help shape your future in healthcare with the most comprehensive educational resources to advance your career.

Helping our clients solve problems and implement solutions using technology has a direct impact on patient care; understanding the process and rigor for executing and providing resolutions is important for those interested in joining our team.

A resume shares a great deal about your work experience; learning facts not listed matters to us. It has been proven that innovation, passion, and commitment delivers excellence.

We want to know you better. Share some basic details and upload your resume. You will receive an email response with next steps.

You will receive a link from Spark Hire to complete a short video where you will answer questions to share your knowledge.

We want you to learn more about us. Meet our team for your in-person interview(s). Interview us as well!

Example: “When I worked as an IT specialist for a large corporation, my team was tasked with finding a solution to a complex software issue that affected multiple departments within the company. We had to work quickly to find a solution before the issue became more widespread. After meeting with each department to understand their needs, we were able to create a new system that met all of our client’s requirements.”

Example: “I have worked in several roles where I had to work as part of a team or collaborate with other departments to complete my tasks. In my last role, I was responsible for leading a project team that developed new software features for our clients. My team members were all experts in their fields, so we used a collaborative approach to solve problems and develop solutions. We also held weekly meetings to discuss our progress and identify any issues we needed help with.”

To help you prepare for your interview, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most common Axxess interview questions, with sample answers to help you stand out from the crowd.

Example: “I always start by meeting with the client to learn more about their current processes and expectations for our software. I also like to meet with existing staff members who will be using the software so they can provide feedback on what works well and what could use improvement. After these initial meetings, I create a timeline for the project and work with my team to implement the software according to the company’s specifications.”

Example: “In my last position, I had a client who was unhappy with our services because they felt we weren’t meeting their needs. Instead of avoiding them, I scheduled a meeting with them so I could better understand what they were looking for. After speaking with them, I realized there was an issue with communication between us and one of our nurses. We addressed the problem and worked together to find a solution.”

How many questions are there? Do I see the questions ahead of time? How much time do I have to answer?

The number of questions for a one-way interview is decided by the recruiter or hiring manager. Once you start the interview, you will be told the number of questions you will need to answer. The most questions you will be asked is ten. The questions will be presented to you one at a time so you will have an opportunity to think about your response before recording.

The length of time to answer a question varies from interview to interview. You can have as much as three minutes to respond or as little as thirty seconds — the amount of time is decided by the recruiter or hiring manager. Don’t worry too much about whether you’ll be able to say all you need to in the time given or if you will have enough to say at all. Focus on answering the question as best you can.

John Olajide CEO of AXXESS | Real Talk Full Interview

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