Azcom Gurgaon Interview Questions

Tata Communications Transformation Services Interview Rounds and Process

  • Q1. Tell me about yourself Add Answer
  • Q3. Are you smart worker or hard worki Add Answer
  • Q1. What is CDM? And explain Add Answer
  • Q2. What is about transmission lines? Add Answer
  • Q3. Explain the network theorems? Add Answer
  • Top skills recommended for Ericsson ICT Engineer interview Insights by AmbitionBox

    azcom gurgaon interview questions

    Sify Technologies Interview Rounds and Process

  • Q1. what is protocol, how many type of protocol. View Answers (2)
  • Who was the tour given by?

    “Assign virtual tour as a pre-interview task and offer student panel the night before or early-morning of rather than at the very end of the day to avoid a huge gap/break”

    “Be more consistent in communications with interviewed applicants.”

    “Update the hotel listings & car rentals info sheet to those you invite to interviews. Promo codes are outdated”

    “More dates for interviews, especially in November (I believe there was no interviews in the month of November 2014).”

    “Update the school website with more/new information about the school. Not a lot of information to look up before the interview.”

    “Interview experience was great. I thought it was especially sweet that you had students hang out with the interviewees while we were waiting for the morning to get started. I learned a lot about the school from them.”

    “None, they did a good job.”

    “Send out an email to students regardless their status whether accepted, wait-listed or rejected.”

    “Dont say continental breakfast in the email when there are only granola bars.”

    “Shorten the day a bit. There was a lot of downtime in between interviews and tours.”

    “The down time between events was beneficial as it gave you time to mingle with other applicants; however, it could have been minimized just a bit to make the process more streamline and seamless. Overall, it was a great experience.”

    “Every student I saw during the tour looked, interacted and had similar personality. Where is the di”

    “Have a student lead the tour. Combine walking tour with driving portion.”

    “Send e-mails of the admission committees decision to applicants. Why is the most important part of”

    “On the tour show the gym and campus housing and do a student panel.”

    “Less downtime??? Maybe a TV in the waiting area… The typical conversation between applicants can o”

    “Great job. Best financial presentation I saw. Include directions to building were admissions is or a”

    “Less down time, more student interaction. But everyone was extremely friendly and really wanted to m”

    “Give us more exposure to students..”

    “A little more enthusiasm and activity during the day. There is a lot of sitting around that gives a”

    “While I was able to fill the time by chatting with other interviewees, I noticed a lot of people who”

    “Give tours in groups while we all wait for interviews to be done!”

    “This one seriously needs to be restructured. We had a good two hours of sitting and doing nothing…”

    “be more truthful and open about the total cost of attendance for 4 years.”

    “Very organized day the breakfast was much appreciated but I didnt find it necessary to have the tou”

    “The tour did not include lecture halls. There was a lot of down time. Interaction with students af”

    “too much downtime for students. Talk about something other than how great your board scores are.”

    “There needs to be more opportunity for applicants to interact with current students!!!”

    “Interview in groups and have the other group tour the campus. Include student interaction..”

    “Have multiple tour guides on the bus or use a microphone – it was very hard to hear! Also, a tour of”

    “Less downtime during the interview day.”

    “Kept bugging me w/letters to apply…makes them seem desperate! Maybe it works, though… “

    “great presentation by dean at the beginning, then starts interview process.”

    “None! They have been amazing… i dont know if I could have gotten through the interview if it were”

    “Get information about the school (cirriculum, rotations, etc.) out to the student more quickly. Don”

    “I think they did a good job, they were friendly and willing to answer questions. I dont necessaril”

    5 Most Common Interview Questions!

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