Azure Devops Interview Questions For Testers

What is Azure DevOps and how does it work?

Microsoft VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services), an application lifecycle management service, was renamed Azure DevOps in 2018 – in response to the ascent of the Microsoft Azure cloud and rising demand for DevOps features.

People with development and operations expertise collaborate to build a wide range of software products using continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) tools and Azure DevOps monitoring solutions. This helps them respond quickly to user requests, resolve issues, and find and fix defects. The agile tools and templates available in the Azure DevOps suite assist in project planning and execution. Its other features include source code version control, test plan management and implementation, and branch management.

Additionally, it provides Azure Pipelines to help with solution deployments across multiple platforms, allowing for continuous integration and deployment in heterogeneous environments.

In the course of the design and development process, Azure Repos serves as a version control system that manages the many versions of a code and the code itself. It makes it much simpler to monitor and track any changes to the code that several teams may have made.

It maintains a detailed record of the modifications that have been made and the history of those changes to increase team collaboration while also maintaining responsibility. One may readily implement changes at a later time, or they might reject them altogether. Both a centralized solution in the form of Team Foundation Version Control and a distributed version control system in the form of Git are made available to users of Azure Repos.

Elaborate on the job role of Azure DevOps engineer.

An Azure DevOps engineer is responsible for designing and implementing a scalable, strong, realistic, and practical cloud solution that would work for the clients.

What is the azure cli command used to run the pipeline?

Self-hosted agents allow us to set up as well as management jobs on our own. We opt for self-hosted agents when we want more access to installing dependent software as per our needs and deployments. Also, the speed can be boosted by the persistence of machine-level caches and configuration from run to run.

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1 What is meant by roles?

Roles are the type of servers that help us towards common aim achievement. These are managed as well as loaded as virtual machines. The three types of roles Azure provides are:

  • Worker Role
  • Web role
  • VM role
  • 1 What is meant by containers? Which containers are supported by azure DevOps?

    To package the software code, its dependencies, and its configurations into a single object or unit, containers are used. Multiple containers can be there working and sharing the operating system on the same machine. This enables fast, consistent, and reliable deployments. The following containers are supported by azure DevOps:

  • Asp.Net with containers
  • Docker
  • Azure service fabric app along with docker support
  • Azure Kubernetes services
  • Can you explain a case study of where DevOps has been used in industry?

    With the tech landscape constantly evolving, it’s important that an employer knows you’re keeping up to date with industry news and utilizing it in your own learning and development. This type of question aims to delve deeper than your own experience working with DevOps, and instead, looks at what you might have learnt from how others operate.

    There are so many great companies you could talk about for this question, including the likes of Amazon who introduced DevOps to overcome monolithic architecture, moving from physical services to cloud-based AWS. Similarly, you could discuss how Etsy beat two-week long deployment rates by bringing in a team to adopt DevOps practices which meant they could begin deploying services 50-100 times a day.

    Whatever example you use, make sure you have a great understanding of the processes the company initially used and the associated problems that arose from these, and finally how they used DevOps to solve this. If they introduced DevOps a while ago, the way they use it may now differ to what they used it for at the beginning, so getting up-to-date information will boost your answer to the next level.

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