Azure Networking Support Engineer Interview Questions

What are the different methods of routing supported by Azure Traffic Manager?

Azure Traffic Manager supports six different methods of routing.

What are the the different connectivity models that Azure ExpressRoute supports?

Azure ExpressRoute supports three connectivity models.

Virtual network peering is used to connect Azure virtual networks (VNet), using private IP adresses, over Azure network.

Once two Azure virtual networks (VNet) are peered, the VMs and services within one VNet can communicate with the VMs and services within the other VNet.

Azure Traffic Manager is a DNS-based load balancer that distributes traffic to services and resources across Azure regions globally.

Definition of Public, Private and Hybrid cloud implementation with respect to Azure?

Public Cloud – All components of your application/ system are running in Azure only.

Private Cloud – You are running Azure services and features within on-premises data center OR you are using on premises data center for hosting your system or applications.

Hybrid Cloud – Combination of Public and Private. Some part or components of your application running on Azure where as some part of your application is running within on premises datacenter.

What is a Worker Role?

Worker Role is any role in Azure that runs applications and services level tasks, which generally do not require IIS. In Worker Roles, IIS is not installed by default.

They are mainly used to perform supporting background processes along with Web Roles and do tasks such as automatically compressing uploaded s, run scripts when something changes in database, get new messages from queue and process and more.

Azure CDN – Content Delivery Network

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a global CDN solution for delivering high-bandwidth content. It can be hosted in Azure or any other location. CDN Mainly uses caching to improve website and download performance, reduce load times, save bandwidth and speed responsiveness.

CDNs store cached content on edge servers in point-of-presence (POP) close locations to end users to minimize latency and Performance.

The benefits of using Azure CDN to deliver web site assets include:

  • Better performance and improved user experience for end users, especially when using applications in which multiple round-trips are required to load content.
  • Large scaling to better handle instantaneous high loads, such as the start of a product launch event.
  • Distribution of user requests and serving of content directly from edge servers so that less traffic is sent to the origin server.
  • What are the different cloud deployment models?

    Explanation: Following are the three cloud deployment models:

    Public Cloud: The infrastructure is owned by your cloud provider and the server that you are using could be a multi-tenant system.

    Private Cloud: The infrastructure is owned by you or your cloud provider gives you that service exclusively. For eg: Hosting your website on your servers, or hosting your website with the cloud provider on a dedicated server.

    Hybrid Cloud: When you use both Public Cloud, Private Cloud together, it is called Hybrid Cloud. For Example: Using your in-house servers for confidential data, and the public cloud for hosting your company’s public facing website. This type of setup would be a hybrid cloud.

    3 What are the various power states of a VM?

    Power State



    Indicates the virtual machine is being started


    Indicates that the virtual machine is running


    Indicates that the virtual machine is being stopped


    Indicates that the virtual machine is stopped


    Indicates that the virtual machine is being deallocated


    Indicates that the virtual machine is completely removed from the hypervisor but still available in the control plane. Virtual Machines in the deallocated state do not incur compute charges.

    Azure Interview Question Answer for Network Engineer

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