Azure Sql Database Interview Questions And Answers

Explain SQL Server on Azure VM and its use cases?

The SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines (VM) enables users to deploy a full version of SQL Server without managing the underlying infrastructure. There is no difference from the DBA perspective in managing on-prem SQL Server and SQL Server on Azure VM, and the only difference is that your virtual machine is now in Azure infrastructure cloud.

You should use the SQL Server on Azure VM in cases:

  • If you need complete control of SQL Server similar to on-prem SQL instance.
  • If you use features not supported by Azure SQL Database, Azure Managed instances.
  • Legacy applications migrations to Azure
  • Optimized for lift-and-shift cloud migrations
  • Extending On-premises Environment to the Cloud
  • Development and Test Environment
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    What is accelerated database recovery for Azure SQL Database?

    The Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR) feature redesigns the SQL Server database engine recovery process for improving database availability, especially for long-running transactions. It provides Instantaneous transaction rollback, Fast and consistent database recovery. By default, it is enabled for the Azure database, and users cannot disable it.

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    QWhat are Azure Site Recovery (ASR) components?

    Answer: The following are Azure site recovery (ASR) components: – Hyper-V host – Storage Replica server – ASR configuration server (primary and secondary sites) – Protection group with application VM, replica vhd/vhds, and storage account for replication.

    Explain different connection policies for Azure SQL Database?

    Azure supports the following server’s connection policy setting:

  • Redirect: The client establishes a connection directly to the node hosting the database in the redirect policy. It reduces latency and improves throughput.
  • Proxy: The proxy connection policy redirects connect through the Azure SQL Database gateways. Therefore, it increases the latency and reduces throughput.
  • Default: The default policy uses Redirect for all client connections originating inside the Azure network and Proxy for all internet or outside Azure network traffic.
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    What are different service tiers in vCore based purchasing models?

    The vCore purchasing model has General Purpose, Business Critical and Hyperscale service tiers.

    QIn which Azure environment can I use Azure Site Recovery (ASR)?

    Answer: ASR can be used in the following Azure environments: – Azure Government Cloud-US Government Cloud-Azure Germany Cloud-Azure US DoD Cloud-Azure UK Public Sector Cloud.

    Q1What Azure service is recommended for Java developers?

    Answer: Azure service recommended for java developers is azure functions which allow using serverless computing to develop and run small pieces of code without having to manage the underlying infrastructure. Azure Blob Storage is another Azure service for Java developers, allowing them to store unstructured data like file systems, s, videos, etc. Azure App Service provides scalable application back ends for Azure websites, Azure service fabric, Azure batch, Azure cloud, and Azure web jobs.

    What is the primary difference between Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance (MI)?

    Azure SQL Managed Instance (MI) offers fully managed SQL instances as a service. It provides almost 100% SQL Server features and is suitable for most database migrations in the cloud. While Azure SQL Database is a database as a service and does not includes all SQL Server features such as SQL Server Agent, Database mail, PolyBase.

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  • Check out the Azure SQL Managed Instance video from the Azure SQL video series
  • Q1What Azure services are available for web development?

    Answer: The Azure services for web development are as follows- Azure App Service-Azure Functions -Azure CDN Azure Active Directory B2C -Azure Search.

    Microsoft AZURE SQL DBA Interview Questions & Answers

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