Azure Wvd Interview Questions

#5 What are some of the specific use cases for Azure Virtual Desktop?

The use cases can differ from one organisation to another. You can use Azure Virtual Desktop to standardise your IT environment, provide powerful desktop environment instead of buying high end laptops for your users or use it as a DR solution. Watch this short video as we explain the various use cases for AVD.

#1 What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Azure Virtual Desktop is Microsoft’s comprehensive desktop and app virtualisation service running on the cloud. It provides business users the freedom of having the same level of Windows 10 user experience to critical apps or data in Azure as they would have on their regular office desktops. In addition, it offers IT the ease of manageability, scalability, and security that they need.

It is the only service that delivers simplified management, multi-session Windows 10, optimisation for Office 365 ProPlus, and support for Remote Desktop Services Environments. With AzureVirtual Desktop, you can deploy and scale your Windows desktops and apps on Azure in minutes, with built-in security and compliance.

2 How do you handle this scenario?

You need to make sure your Virtual Machines are able to communicate securely with each other to ensure security.

Solution -Â Azure Virtual Network enables Azure resources to communicate with each other, the internet, or on-premises networks securely.

  • Users can create their own private networks
  • It provides users with an isolated and highly secure environment for applications
  • All traffic stays within the Azure networkÂ
  • It allows users to design their own networksÂ
  • azure wvd interview questions

    4 State the difference pricing model of Microsoft Azure

    Here, are different pricing model of Microsoft Azure:

    BYOL Model: It brings your license model. It is just right to access model. You can obtain it outside of the Azure Marketplace. This model is not charged any fees.

    Free Software Trial: It is a full-featured version which is promotionally free for a limited period of time. However, for excessive use, you need to pay fees.

    Usage-based: This is a widely used model of Microsoft Azure. Here, user are changed for only that service which is used by them.

    Monthly fee: Here, you need to pay a fixed monthly payment for a subscription.

    Csrun is a command-line tool that deploys a packaged application to the Windows Azure compute emulator and manages the running service.

    4 What are stateful and stateless microservices for Service Fabric?

    Explanation: Service Fabric enables you to build applications that consist of microservices. Stateless microservices (such as protocol gateways and web proxies) do not maintain a mutable state outside a request and its response from the service. Azure Cloud Services worker roles are an example of a stateless service. Stateful microservices (such as user accounts, databases, devices, shopping carts, and queues) maintain a mutable, authoritative state beyond the request and its response. Today’s Internet-scale applications consist of a combination of stateless and stateful microservices.

    2 Where can I find a list of applications that are pre-integrated with Azure AD and their capabilities?

    Explanation: Azure AD has around 2600 pre-integrated applications. All pre-integrated applications support single sign-on (SSO). SSO let you use your organizational credentials to access your apps. Some of the applications also support automated provisioning and de-provisioning.

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    Windows Virtual Desktop Technical architecture explained in plain english with a story (Azure WVD)

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