.Net Interview Questions By Shivprasad Koirala

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.net interview questions by shivprasad koirala

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  • This is not one of the typical .NET interview questions but on knowledge aspect you will find this as interesting because while you are working in some of the IT company or project this situation can occur in front of you so at that time this might help y… Read More

    Is Tempdata Private to a User ?

    Yes, Tempdata is private to a user.

    Explain the Various Ways of Doing DI in MVC?

    This is an easy topic to understand but very difficult to explain to the interviewer in simple words. So, I would suggest to go through the below explanation, understand it and create your simple one liner.

    There are three ways of doing DI: Scoped, Transient and Singleton.

  • Transient: Creates new instances, every single time service is injected
  • Scoped: Creates new instances, once per request made to server
  • Singleton: Instantiates one global object for all requests coming to server from any user
  • The below shows the same visually. In transient for every dependency injection, new instance will be injected. For example, in the below for “obj” and “obj1”, fresh new instances will be injected for every request.

    In case of scoped for every request, the same instance will be injected for every dependency injection. So “obj” and “obj1” will have the same instance injected.

    In case of singleton, one big global instance is created. For all request, for all Dependency injection, same instance will be injected.

    What are the Various Ways of Doing Session Management in ASP.NET?

    There three ways of doing session management:

    Session is user interaction which happens with a website over a period of time. Its interaction which happens right when browser opens and browser closes.

    Explain the Concept of Reverse Proxy?

    Reverse proxy is a concept where the server acts like a mediator. Kestrel works on reverse proxy concept it takes the request from the main web server like IIS / Apache and forwards its to MVC application and vice-versa.

    Cookies are small text file where browser can store user related information.

    Explain “HTTP is a Stateless Protocol”?

    HTTP does not remember states between request and response. User sends a request, server processes it and sends response. Now if the user comes again in the same session, the server treats it as a new request.

    Explain REST and Architectural Constraints of REST?

    REST stands for representational state transfer. REST is a architectural style/principle where client and server talks in representations and states.

    Some important principle of REST is Client Server, Statelessness, Unique URI, Manipulation happens through representation. WebAPI helps to expose services / data using HTTP protocol.

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