.Net Web Services Interview Questions

42) Explain few disadvantages of Response Caching?

Response Caching is useless or incompetent when method accepts extensive amount of values because caching means to store lot of information. Also, if the method depends on external source of information, and that are not provided within the parameters then such methods are bypassed.

47) How a SOAP message is structured?

A SOAP message is consists of SOAP Envelope, SOAP Headers, and SOAP Body.

55) Explain what does Marshaller do if jaxb.encoding property is not declared?

By default, the Marshaller will use “UTF-8” if jaxb.encoding property is not declared.

63) Mention what are the usual XML APIs?

  • DOM based or Tree based APIs: The whole document is read into memory as a tree structure for random availability by calling application
  • Event based APIs: The application registers to get events as entities are encountered within the source document
  • 27) What are the situations, when we need ASP.NET web services?

    ASP.NET web services are used when one need to implement three tier architecture in a web service. It allows handy ways to use middle tier components through internet. The main advantage of .NET Web services is that they are capable enough to communicate across firewalls because they use SOAP as transport protocol.

    The increasing ratio of distributed applications has raised demand for distributed technologies. It allows segmenting of application units and transferring them to different computers on different networks.

    19) If you have to choose one approach, then what will be your choice?

    In my point of view, the first approach that is the contract-first approach is more feasible as compared to the second one but still it depends on other factors too.

    What are the disadvantages of SOAP Web Services?

    The following are some of the significant drawbacks of SOAP web services:

  • Slow – It employs an XML format that must be processed to be read, and it establishes several standards that must be adhered to when constructing SOAP applications. As a result, it is slow and uses a lot of bandwidth and resources.
  • WSDL Dependent – It discovers the service using WSDL and has no other means.
  • In this section, let’s see the advanced level of questions and answers for both freshers and experienced

    26) How can you document web service?

    Web services are contemplated as self-documenting because they provide entire information regarding the available methods and parameters used for XML based standard, known as WSDL. One can also provide more information to explain web services via their own WebService and WebMethod attributes.

    35) How a .NET web service is tested?

    ASP.NET uses a test page routinely, when one calls for the URL of .asmx file in any browser. This page shows complete information regarding web services.

    Answer: EIS stands for Entrust Identification Service while EPS stands for Entrust Privacy Service. The Entrust Identification Services is generated from the Entrust Security Platform, which hallows the corporates to control the identities which are trusted to perform various transactions for the Web Services transaction. On the other hand, the Entrust Privacy Service deals with security and confidentiality by encrypting data to ensure that only the concerned parties and authorized personnel can access the data.

    Answer: DISCO is referred to as discovery in web services. It helps in grouping the list of different interrelated web services. The DISCO file is issued on the server by the company that provides web services so that the links of all the web services can be made available and used within the local network.

    Answer: The real-life example of web service is the IBM web service browser. This web service can be bought from IBM Alphaworks site. The purpose of this browser is to show various demos linked with web services. These web services can be used along with the help of SOAP, UDDI, and WSDL, which helps in providing plug and play interface. That can be used for web service, including weather forecast service, traffic reporting service, stock-quote service, and various others.

    Here we have collected top web services interview questions and answers that will help you prepare for your upcoming job interview. So, here we go:

    Web services make use of the standardized XML messaging system, which is not only easily available over the Web, but also to private networks. Anyone interested in following a career lane in web application development must have knowledge about web services.

    44 Webservices Interview Questions And Answers || most frequently asked in a webservices interview

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